Sims Stories

Over the years I've been playing the various versions of and expansion packs for Maxis's "Sims" games, and being a locquacious weblogger and all I've posted various stories and pictures about what my Sims were doing to the Web. This page collects all of them (that I've remembered to collect) in one place, so that I (and as a side effect you) can find them easily.

I started playing the original "The Sims" back in 2000. There aren't very many pictures of that. Here are all the weblog references that I could find:

I started playing The Sims 2 in June of 2005. This generated many, many more stories and pictures and stuff (and the Net had gotten much faster, so I didn't feel as bad about putting up hundreds of megabytes of images). So many that I put some of them up on a nice clued Sims-related forum, so as not to overload my devoted weblog readers (although I also keep copies locally, so as to stay In Control).

Here they all are, in roughly chronological order:

And that's it. Except for the ones I've forgotten to list...