Yo, Peran!

Neighborhood One androphiles are thrilled at the arrival of the dashing Peran Nolstovski in our little community.

(That is Peran, right?) After looking at the housing options and talking to the local gossips, he decided that the civilized quiet of the Zoom household would be more conducive to the pursuit of knowledge than the ardent chaos of the Raptors'.

Peran will be lodging with Ransom and Marisa Zoom, Neighborhood One's leading citizens; Marisa is the well known founding member of the Generic Sports Hall of Fame, and Ransom is a former (um, well) professional (um) facilitator (cough, Criminal Mastermind, cough).

The first encounter with the landlady. Immediately on joining the household, he had daily relationships in the 30's or 40's with everyone, which is nice. And his 20K Simoleans will fatten up the bankroll nicely.

"Oh, since you're so interested in science, you might like to try out the little telescope we just bought."

Peran's first 500 aspiration points in the new neighborhood. I forgot to see what his Lifetime Want is!

"And you're in luck: Jane and Georgia just stopped by. Always nice to meet people one's own age, I think."

If Peran was disappointed to find out that these two lovely women are happily married (to each other), he hid the fact very politely. He seems to be interested in friendship.

"You and me are gonna be great friends, I know it!"

Little Hermes spun up a "Be Friends with Peran" want right away. Of course he's going to be a teenager soon, and those teenagers are pretty unpredictable. That's Georgia hooby-noobying in the background; she doesn't live here anymore, but she drops by uninvited, and comes in without waiting to be greeted, all the time.

Thanks again for exporting him, Carrot! My first downloaded Sim in the game. I'll be good to this copy of him. *8)