Living with the Raptors

So partly just to test my posting skillz and partly to actually contribute something, here's a story about my family of Romance Sims that I posted to the EA forums the other week, with a picture or two added.

A little background: the second TS2 Sim I ever created was Sally Raptor:

I gave her the Romance aspiration mostly at random, not knowing any more about it than the game itself tells you (ha!), and a quick skim over the Prima guide.

She had fun being a Slacker, and eventually had a kid by Mitch the Fireman (whose number she got that time he came to put out the oven because her mind wandered while making Toaster Pastries or something).

(These pictures are all grainy because I hadn't found the relevant Settings dialog yet.)

The kid was a girl-child, Eleanor (for Ms. Roosevelt), and I made her Romance too, to keep up the family tradition. Then she had another kid by Mitch (I forget why I did that, actually; I don't think it was either a Want or a Fear of hers). The second kid was Gina, and I made her Romance as well.

Sally mostly took lovers from the local female-townie population (I think I've unconsciously imposed my own gynophilic tendencies on her), and of course Mitch. Eleanor had an affair with John Danvers (a happily-married family Sim down the street), and with Kaylynn the maid (who has her own story that I may post later), and Remington the maid, and with Brandi LeTourneau (who eventually moved in, and the Raptors discovered that she was actually a Criminal Mastermind on the run). In general, life was good:

Running a house full of Romance Sims is challenging, but fun (I use essentially no cheats, not so much out of purity as I'm afraid I'll mess up and corrupt the game). There was the incident, for instance, when Eleanor forgot that Remington would be coming to clean at 10, and he caught her with Brandi in the hot tub:

After one very complex afternoon, I decided to write down pretty much all the relevant interactions (this was after Kaylynn moved out and before Brandi moved in). Here we go:

So Sally wanted to have Kaylynn (the ex-maid, now a Celebrity Chef with her own very nice place on the other side of town) over; Eleanor (Sally's oldest) was having breakfast, and Gina (the teenager) was getting ready for school. Kaylynn came by, and Sally went out to greet her (making sure that Eleanor stayed inside, because Eleanor's