Randy and Regina prologue

So I always say to myself "well, this story is so simple that I can just pick like one or two pictures to illustrate it" (for Randy and Regina's story, I thought at first that I'd just stick it as a posting-in-passing in the general Neighborhood One thread even). And then when I go through all the pictures for the relevant lot and time-period I end up with a couple dozen. Or in the case of Randy and Regina, twenty-nine...

(I could never remember Regina's last name, and the game doesn't seem to know it anymore (for a reason that will be evident by the end of the story). I think it may have been Tsvirkunov; but clearly she's not the same person as the Happy Valley resident of the same name. So we'll just call her "Regina".)

Bright College Years

As we saw in Unsticking Jennifer, Randy London went to college shortly after Gina Raptor (because Gina wanted him to). He stayed good friends with Gina (mostly by telephone), and he got to know dormie Jennifer pretty well. But he and Regina were each other's favorites.

A late-night conference Girl Talk Jennifer and Regina discuss Randy while he sleeps. Jennifer is being encouraging, I'm sure; she doesn't seem to have any designs on Randy herself.

Randy and Regina frolic on the dorm couch Boy-Girl Talk "Could you two keep it down? I can't hear the game!"

Randy and Regina frolic on a Secret Society couch At the Landgrabb Well-known, if secret, Den of Iniquity.

New look, new bed

Eventually Randy got tired of the clean-shaven and flat-topped look, and spent some time at the mirror.

Randy's new look Very suave. Stubble is Manly.

Regina apparently approved.

Regina sitting up in the bed that Randy's asleep in Morning already? Double beds are also Manly. *8)

And Jennifer was all in favor.

Jennifer making up that same bed Smiling to herself. Maybe someday there'll be Someone Special for Jennifer, too; in the meantime she seems happy playing matchmaker and fooling around with the passing Romance sims.

Back to the neighborhood

Eventually it was time for that final final.

Randy going suavely off to his exam in the dusk Sharp blazer, manly stubble, and all.

And then, calling the cab for back home.

Randy on the telephone No time for parties!

Randy becoming a full-grown Adult Adulthood is Manly. For narrative purposes, Regina graduated at about the same time, and headed back to the Neighborhood just ahead of Randy.

Grownups together

Randy on the phone at the bus stop, wearing silly clothes "The bus was right on time; come on over!" "And I have to warn you about my clothes..."

Randy hugs Regina Starting life together This was the first time I had an adult Move In a college student. It worked fine.

Regina becomes a full-grown Adult (with less silly clothes) "Suddenly I feel so... mature. Let's start earning money!" Did I mention they're both Fortune? She wants to be a Business Tycoon (pretty easy); he wants to earn 100K (maybe a little harder).

A house and a ring

With their college savings (boy, do I envy Sims that little feature!) they bought a house on the north side of town.

The couple and their new yellow house Taking possession One of the pre-built houses. It's actually much smaller on the inside than it looks from the outside; the living / dining area is especially cramped. But they made do.

Randy carries Regina across, or at least somewhere near, the threshold "Whee!" The traditional threshold-warming. The gnome is because someone had a "buy a sculpture" Want.

And Randy had one more surprise.

Randy proposes Regina was thrilled.

They agreed to marry once their finances were more secure. And Fortune sims set a high bar.

Struggling upward

Randy and Regina and Jane and Jean and John Danvers They soon met the locals. Randy knew Gina Raptor and Brandi LeTourneau and a few others from his time as a teen townie, and Regina had some relationships from college (including Gina, come to think of it, although I don't think they were ever lovers). But the Welcoming Committee is always nice.

Things were rough at first.

Regina is not happy to be dressed as a llama "This is not what I'd planned." The luck of the computer was against Regina for a few days, and she ended up in the Athletic track for awhile just to make ends meet.

But they had each other.

Randy happily thinking about woohoo while making breakfast Randy in a good mood. Just like my other Fortune couple, Ransom and Marisa Zoom, Randy and Regina get that old affectionate Want cycle going pretty often. They're so cute!

And a little help from their friends.

Regina and Jennifer cleaning A visit from ever-helpful Jennifer

Finally, prosperity

Eventually, after many happy but uneventful days (you don't need another dozen pictures of the occasional fire, parties, the couple skilling together, etc, etc), things came together for Our Heros.

Randy in improved red clothes, Regina getting an 'earned lots of money' memory Some new clothes, a good job, more money... Regina's firmly in the Business track now. Randy sort of fell into Natural Science, and I'm too lazy to see if that makes any sense given his 100K LTW.

Regina hosts a party on the lawn; guests include a cow ...good friends Okay, I couldn't resist this one party picture, with the cow and all.

Randy gets a money-memory ...more money

Regina looks at a limo and thinks of bags FULL of money ...and of course, more money.

Eventually they decided that they were Well Enough Off, and began planning the Big Event...


Randy eats at the party table "I got the food all set up." "You're not supposed to eat it yet!"

Randy and Regina marry under the arch "We now pronounce us man and wife." Yay! Guests are Brandi LeTourneau (right), Toby somebody from college (left), and the repairman (center), who was there fixing the plumbing and amusingly changed into his tux when the ceremony started. Jennifer really wanted to come, but, um, she had a sprained ankle or something. (Or I just wasn't thinking.)

Randy and Regina kiss at the after-wedding party It was a rockin' party. The repairman left, but Allegra Gorey walked by and they greeted her. She didn't change clothes, so probably it's the actual ceremony, rather than just the party, that triggers it. Or something. Randy and Regina are working on making sure the party is a Roof Raiser, and Toby seems to approve.

Into the future

And a Roof Raiser it was indeed.

The couple get Good Party memories on the way to the honeymoon limo Then off on the honeymoon! Such bliss. Life is so simple in there. At least when your deity is as soft-hearted as I am.

One last chore when they returned...

Regina, in her wedding dress, feeds the cowplant "C'mon, girl!" My first cowplant (not counting the one at Landgrabb). I don't know if I'll ever have it eat anyone, but it's decorative. The bench off to the side there is normally used to close the gate so that no one wanders in. And we feed it now and then.

...and then the traditional nuptial cuddle.

They cuddle in bed in their wedding finery And so on.

So there we are: Randy and Regina's uneventful but heartwarming story finally posted, for no particular reason. I don't expect we'll hear a huge amount more from them unless they have a kid, or one of them has an affair, or they both make their LTWs and I decide to let them age and eventually pass on, or... *8)