Randy and Regina prologue

So I always say to myself "well, this story is so simple that I can just pick like one or two pictures to illustrate it" (for Randy and Regina's story, I thought at first that I'd just stick it as a posting-in-passing in the general Neighborhood One thread even). And then when I go through all the pictures for the relevant lot and time-period I end up with a couple dozen. Or in the case of Randy and Regina, twenty-nine...

(I could never remember Regina's last name, and the game doesn't seem to know it anymore (for a reason that will be evident by the end of the story). I think it may have been Tsvirkunov; but clearly she's not the same person as the Happy Valley resident of the same name. So we'll just call her "Regina".)

Bright College Years

As we saw in Unsticking Jennifer, Randy London went to college shortly after Gina Raptor (because Gina wanted him to). He stayed good friends with Gina (mostly by telephone), and he got to know dormie Jennifer pretty well. But he and Regina were each other's favorites.

A late-night conference Girl Talk Jennifer and Regina discuss Randy while he sleeps. Jennifer is being encouraging, I'm sure; she doesn't seem to have any designs on Randy herself.

Randy and Regina frolic on the dorm couch Boy-Girl Talk "Could you two keep it down? I can't hear the game!"

Randy and Regina frolic on a Secret Society couch At the Landgrabb Well-known, if secret, Den of Iniquity.

New look, new bed

Eventually Randy got tired of the clean-shaven and flat-topped look, and spent some time at the mirror.

Randy's new look Very suave. Stubble is Manly.

Regina apparently approved.