Unsticking Jennifer

Randy London is a friend of Gina Raptor's. They were a hot and heavy item as teens, but at least temporarily they've cooled to very good friends, and Randy practices in front of the Men's Room mirror, in case any other girls might get within kissing range.

Randy often eats with Jennifer. With that part of his mind not entirely occupied in contemplating her body-art, he finds her wildly imaginative, if a little credulous.

"Oh yeah, aliens are definitely tattoo -- I mean, uh, important."

And although there was (as yet?) no romance between them, Jennifer also found Randy quite convincing.

"Isn't that Randy's assignment you're doing, Jennifer?"

"Yeah, but he said that -- well -- um, he said something..."

One afternoon Randy organized a study group in the dorm.

His ulterior motive was to identify some of the members of the Secret Society that Gina had been dropping broad hints about on the phone. Autumn (seated, talking about luggage) and Toby (standing, talking to Jennifer) were two of his prime suspects. Jennifer joined the group, sitting by the computer.

The next morning, she was still there.

Randy went to class, and came back from class, and she was still there. She would look up when people walked by, but she never spoke, and she never got up. She just kept turning pages.

When Randy got up to use the Men's Room and reread Gresham's Law just before dawn the next day, she was still there.

"Jennifer? Jennifer, are you listening to me? We're all getting pretty worried about you."

"What is that book you're reading, anyway? Something about your aliens? Look, I'm really worried. I'm going to count to ten, and then I'm going to take that book right out of your hands. Do you hear me, Jennifer?"


Between one heartbeat and the next, Jennifer, and the book, had vanished.

She walked in from the street an hour later, perfectly normal; or as normal as she ever was.

When Randy tried to ask her about what had happened, he couldn't even frame the question. He still hasn't figured it out, but by now he's sort of forgotten about it. Just one of those college things.

(He did eventually manage to identiy and befriend the three Landgraab Society members in the dorm; but that's another story...


As other simmers no doubt suspect, Jennifer was taken away not by aliens so much as by me using moveObjects. She was clearly stuck doing research (I think it was actually two or three days she was sitting there), and while she wasn't oozing green fumes or anything I didn't want her to keel over from hunger or anything; Randy likes her.