Peran meets Gina

Gina raptor is back from college, and living in a nice little house (of which I'm quite proud). More on the house can be found on my weblog. But I'm posting here because when the Welcome Wagon arrived to greet her, it was Georgia Danvers, Benjamin Long, and our own Peran Nolstovski!

Always nice to meet new people!!!! Whoa, I don't think I've seen quite that expression on Gina's face before. Georgia's reaction, on the other hand, is all too predictable. I'm going to try to keep Gina away from any happily married folks for awhile, though, after the John Danvers Incident with her sister.

Everyone had a friendly soak in the hot tub, and Gina found Peran to be a fine figure of a man, and told him so.

"Why thank you, I suppose I am!" No shrinking violet, this Peran.

There was a slight hitch later on, when Peran got a bit too playful for Gina.

"Okay, my eyes are closed. What's the surprise?" Gina is a zero in Serious/Playful. Water balloons aren't really her thing.

Now I'll continue in a new entry, so the BBS will start a new page sooner, saving bandwidth.

A New Friend

Gina was not amused by the prank, although Peran seemed quite pleased with himself.

"Hee hee?" The first time I've seen the water-balloon prank, I think. The giggling face is pretty funny!

Being a tolerant sort, Gina invited Peran back into the hot tub, and after a bit more of a soak (and some splashing; Gina doesn't mind splashing as long as it takes place in the water where it belongs) they were friends.

Aww... She immediately spun up a "Be Best Friends With Peran" want; people seem to like this guy!

Since then, they've been talking regularly on the phone. Nothing amorous has occurred, but Gina has worked the conversation around in certain directions once or twice.

"Speaking of purple things..." Maybe she's explaining her Aspiration to him, to avoid any complications later. If only it were so easy!

So Peran's made another friend in the neighborhood, albeit a slightly dangerous one. And it was entirely the game's idea! Or perhaps his, if we assume that Sims volunteer for the Welcome Wagon...