Zachary, Sophie, and George Still more events at and around the Bright House

Last time we looked in at the Bright house, Martin and Allegra had moved out (and I really want to get around to showing off Allegra's very cool decor in her new bedroom back in the neighborhood, but that'll have to wait), and Hermes and Camryn were blissfully shacked up.

Since then, Zachary Langerak has moved in, so the second bedroom is occupied again.

Zachary arrives at college Another evening arrival. Zachary and his sister went off to college, and she arrived there, in this story.

He got down to his studies right away.

Zachary writes his first term paper Just like Hermes. Except he didn't soak in the hot tub with a beautiful blonde for a few hours first.

Zachary talks to Hermes about soup; Camryn studies off to the side He met his housemates the next day. "Yes! I love soup!"

Zachary and Hermes study together And quickly got into the swing of things. These Neighborhood One kids are all such nerds.

Zachary comes down the stairs in his normal clothes Back in his normal clothes. I think I sent Hermes out to the shop to buy them. Or something. The little swirly T-shirt just didn't work for Zachary. Camryn seems impressed with the look. Hermes is a little queasy about the fact that he's going to graduate soon and leave Camryn with this nice-looking guy for a few years.

Now we change scenes briefly and wind backward slightly in time, to someone who's been unnoticed in the background for awhile; teenage service Townie George McCarthy.