Dawson Day, International Man of Mystery in which Gina gets busy

A little backstory: the evening of the day that Gina fulfilled her first Lifetime Want, a striking fellow named Dawson Day strolled onto her lot uninvited and introduced himself.

Nice to meet you. "Um, nice to meet you!" Dawson Day is a very mysterious Sim; not only can he walk onto strangers' lots without waiting for an invitation, but I've also seen him doing random walkbys in both University and normal Neighborhood lots, which I didn't think was possible. He also gets into hot tubs naked. Is all this just a consequence of having an Outgoing of 10, or something? I could go into SimPE and check, but I'm enjoying the mystery too much.

They became good friends but (unusually enough) nothing romantic had developed between them. In her mind Gina had vaguely reserved Dawson for her Mom (although nothing had developed there either). One night shortly before she was elected to the Hall of Fame, she invited Dawson over, and for whatever reason something clicked.

Falling in love again. Falling in love again. Never wanted to. What am I to do? Can't help it.

The day that she got her second lifetime want, filled with a new kind of euphoria, she invited him over again, and took him to bed with more in mind than friendly recreation.

More like friendly procreation. More like friendly procreation. Cue the lullabye music.
A memorable party in which Gina pops

Not long after, Gina was invited to a party at the "Bright" house at SSU.

Rockin' Raising the old roof. Yeah, it was a small party; it's a small house.

At some point during the party, she found herself doubled over in the bathroom.