The Great Experiment Part I: Into the unknown

"Honey, you know we think your marrying Georgia was the best thing in the world! And we know you want to adopt and all, and that's wonderful! But remember, if you ever want to get, you know, all big with a child that's biologically yours and hers, the TOLAD module is just about perfected, and I'd love you two to be guinea -- um, some of the first to benefit from it!"

The Thrills and Chills of having a Mad Scientist for a Mom. I'd been planning forever to use the testingCheats to get Jane pregnant by Georgia, but it took me a long time to find the time and work up the courage.

Time passed. Jane and Georgia's adopted son Justin grew into an adorable child. Jane's Dad John became an elder. Little sister Joan became a teenager and moved out on her own. And finally Jane took her Mom up on that offer.

Although the actual procedure would be done in Jean's lab, Jane and Georgia decided to mark the occasion with a special baby-making Woohoo.

Thinking about new family members. Jane seems a little nervous there.

Did this time seem different from all the other times?

It was a lovely emotional experience. A lovely emotional experience that we get to snoop on!

Afterward, with Georgia peacefully asleep, Jane went back to the lab.

Into the unknown. If there's one thing you don't want anyone taking pictures of, it's you being artificially inseminated by your Mom.
The Great Experiment Part II: Progress

Jane came out of the lab thoughtful, for the obvious reasons.

What does the future hold? Actually there was a goofy purple heart in the thought bubble, but I didn't think that was quite the proper sober and contemplative mood, heh heh.

Would the experiment work? Jane woke the next morning feeling different, uncertain.

Feeling, in fact, nauseated. We'll skip the barfing pictures; you've seen them before...

The uncertainty was partly resolved in short order.

What's this? She's so cute.

Jane had a relatively easy pregnancy (Justin got into private school during it, in fact.) The growing bulge did not interfere with the good things in life.

Belly Tilt! She did a lot of dancing and making out, too.

And eventually...

"Georgia! Come quick!" Actually Georgia was sitting on the toilet right across the room; very convenient, if not photogenic.
The Great Experiment Part III: Outcomes

A moment later, Jane gazed enraptured into the eyes of her new baby girl.

Awwww! Love these pictures.

And a moment later, she gazed enraptured into the eyes of her other new baby girl!

Incredible. Two sets of twins in eight births in my neighborhood, I think? Must be all that spaghetti, hee hee hee.

The proud parents emerged from the bathroom to show off the new family members.

Talk about triumphant. OMG, now I've got to buy another crib and more toys, and expand the nursery, and...

The grandparents couldn't have been happier.

Coochy coochy! Is that Jan or Jen thinking about herself alreay? Or about her sister? Do babies even have thought balloons?

So the Great Experiment, my first-ever use of testingCheats (my gosh, there are a lot of fascinating things in those menus!) was a success, and the Tombstone of Life and Death gave Jane a pregnancy, and Jane and Georgia a genetic child. Or two genetic children, actually. Both girls. (Sheesh! This isn't going to help the neighborhood heterosexuality rate any.) And I didn't get the Mysterious Choking Death Glitch even though I did save between using the TOLAD (it even plays the lullabye!) and Jane's first bump showing. The Goddess is kind!

Things I keep forgetting to do: check John's memories to see if he has bad memories around Joan's moving out, make sure he knows that the new twins are his grandkids, look in the lab to see if the TOLAD is still here or if it goes away when you save and reload. And something else I forget... *8)