Happy Forever!

Ladies and Gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to present Neighborhood One's first PermaPlatinum Sim, the widely-beloved Gina Raptor:

Her Life's Wish Fulfilled Fulfilled, naturally, out by the curb in the twilight, where it's too dark to get a good picture without extreme Photoshopping.

"Miss Raptor, hot young epicure, author of the best-selling cookbook 'Dinner and Breakfast', and owner and head chef of the trendy 'Goofy Purple' bistro, joined the likes of Kaylynn Langerak in the ranks of Sim City's Celebrity Chefs today, signing deals for both her own television show and a new lifestyle magazine aimed at young urban singles.

"While Miss Raptor's style is edgier and more erotic than Langerak's, the two are said to be good friends, and in a recent interview Miss Raptor credited Langerak with inspiring her to set out on her own when she was Executive Chef at one of Langerak's own restaurants."

"That's right, Bob. And here's another interesting fact: while many people know that Kaylynn Langerak started her career as a humble daily maid before starting her climb to the top of KL Enterprises, SimCelebrity Insider has learned that Gina Raptor's family was one of Langerak's customers in those days, and in fact Miss Langerak lived with the Raptors for a time after she left her cleaning job, when Gina was a child."

"It's a small world, isn't it Cliff?"

"It sure is, Bob!"

"Sources also tell us that not only was Kaylynn Langerak the live-in lover of Eleanor Raptor, Gina's older sister, but that she was also seduced by Gina's mother Sally, and that even after she married ex-Senator Benjamin Long and had twin children, she has continued to this day to make periodic clandestine visits to Sally Raptor's home for questionable purposes. And Gina has followed in her mother's footsteps, seducing much of the student body in her years at Sim State U, as well as two of her mother's lovers, and four of her professors!"

"Um, uh, well Bob I'm not sure that, urm..."

"Got you! Hoo hoo you should see the look on your face! They turned the microphones off just after I said 'It's a small world.'"


"Didn't they?"



I was surprised to discover that there are (at least) four different uniforms for Celebrity Chef. Here's the one that Gina got:

Hm, okay. I wasn't very pleased by it, but of course Gina didn't mind. "Yeah, sure, whatever," she says, "did I mention that I'm a Celebrity Chef now? I'm so happy!!"

I've seen this same outfit on Melissa Fancey; I guess that means she's a Celebrity Chef too (I thought it was some kind of Chinese-takeout delivery person outfit, frankly). Gina has at least three other outfits in her wardrobe that I think are Celebrity Chef also, but this is the one she wears to work. I won't post the pictures of the other ones (of course she tried them all on), so y'all can be surprised when you see them in your own games.