The Bright Household

So has anyone ever played the Maxis-made "Bright Household" at Sim State University? I started it today just on a whim; it's the first time I've actually played a Maxis-made household (not counting the few minutes I spent in Pleasantview the first time I ran the game; but I didn't save, so that never actually happened lol).

It's kinda fun.

The Bright Household Note that none of them are actually named "Bright". But then these days there aren't any Raptors living in the "Raptor Household" at my SSU either.

Martin and Allegra (in black above) are Freshman Knowledge Sims; Martin's majoring in Math and Allegra in Art. Jane (in the pink top) is a Junior in Physics, and a Family Sim. Allegra starts with a crush on Castor Nova, who lives in one of the Greek Houses (I haven't played a Greek House yet; sounds complicated), and each of them has a friend or two (Martin even has a brother or something elsewhere on campus).

Jane is the first "fat" Sim I've played, and she's awfully cute. Makes all them "fit" female Sims look underfed. *8) Also since she's Family she's a little harder to keep happy than the others; she always wants people rather than just the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

I took the easy way out and let Jane and Martin fall in love (they all start with pretty high relationship scores). Jane also became very close friends with one of her professors, which helped both with her aspiration points (love the Family Sim joke / appreciate / tickle loop) and with her grades.

It was somewhat challenging to start with, because they had little money, needed a few home improvements right away (downstairs shower, smoke alarm), and had no aspiration points and very few skills (Jane in particular, despite being supposedly a Junior to start with, needed to find time for lots and lots of skilling, especially given the lack of thinking caps). But one nice thing about having three students in the house is that there's a big infusion of cash at the end of every semester.

My Brights have just finished their starting years, Allegra is now fully in love with Castor (with a locked want to WooHoo with him as soon as I arrange the beds and she needs the points), and Jane and Martin are thinking about engagement (or at least Jane is, heh heh). The ubiquitous Gina Raptor has been over once; Allegra knew her casually from Gina's college years, and invited her over one evening to chat and help out in the kitchen:

Kitchen Help It's not every day you have a Celebrity Chef cleaning your counters.

And this professor that no one knew kept coming and ringing the doorbell and then having bad conversations with whoever answered; Allegra finally let loose on him with the nose-twitting thing and the gross-out thing and the tauting and all:

"Get him!" This will either stop him from coming back, or give Allegra an outlet for her Gothy rage.

So I dunno how much I'll be playing them in the future, but so far I'm enjoying it. It makes me happy to think how many times Jane and Martin have fallen in love in other universes over the years... *8)

Anyone else played these three?