Continued Prosperity More Langerak updates

When last we left the Langeraks the twins had just grown into teenagers. Kaylynn and Benjamin made sure that the kids stayed focused on their studies.

Studious Langeraks Homework, chess, and clothing styles Note the picture over the chessboard; that's the house just after Kaylynn moved in, before it got all mansioned-up

Kaylynn continued to be the bedrock of the family, generally admired by all.

Eleanor and Sally Raptor toast Kaylynn Both friends... Eleanor's thinking "Kaylynn and Mother seem awfully fond of each other here; was there something going on there behind my back after all?"

Olivia toasts Kaylynn ...and family. "To you, Mom!" In fact the toasting set's been a constant nuisance, with people and guests constantly trying and failing to gather everyone for a toast. I eventually hid or deleted it, but they still do it anyway; it's a Phantom Toasting Set!

And Benjamin also prospered, eventually fulfilling his lifetime dream by being admitted to the ranks of the Society of Mad Scientists.

Benjamin goes permaplatinum "Is the plumb-bob tattoo part of the uniform?" Now he's working on Chief of Staff.

Kaylynn's life's ambition is to graduate three children from college. This requires, among other things, having three children.

Kaylynn and Benjamine, dreaming. Potty dreams On her first night of pregnancy. And Benjamin's having Elixir nightmares; maybe he's afraid I'm going to start letting everyone age.

Soon number three was well on the way.