Teenage Langeraks Part I

An utterly uneventful domestic-bliss update today; because uneventful domestic bliss is good.

Four Langeraks at breakfast The last breakfast with the children. These children anyway (heh heh).

After prosperous uneventful childhoods, it was the twins' birthday(s). Olivia beat her brother to the top of the stairs, and got to go first.

Olivia and the birthday cake Make a wish! "I wish for hotness."

She aged up well, in her PJs.

Teenage Olivia Wishes do come true. Does every teenage girl start with that haircut?

Zachary's turn.

Zachary and his cake Make a wish! "I'll settle for good hair."

Also in his PJS, natch.

Teenage Zachary Hide your daughters. "Okay, same hair I had as a kid; good enough."
Teenage Langeraks Part II

After some quick and eminently photogenic celebratory hugs,

A close-knit family Awww... That the twins became Best Friends during this hug was entirely a coincidence, or at least none of my doing.

Kaylynn and Ben went downstairs to collapse into bed, and the new teenagers worked on Fun and Hygiene. Here's Zachary back from his bath.

Olivia on Drums "Your turn, Sis." Ooh, I like his clothes.

And here's Olivia, freshly scrubbed and with her hair done.

Zachary on Drums Rockin' A cheerleader outfit? Gad, how wholesome. But I should be tolerant; mustn't force everyone to be edgy. I wonder if the Langeraks vote Republican?

The twins immediately started showing up as walkbys (one at a time) in other lots. The most interesting being that she walked past the Love Nest, met Eleanor Raptor (her Mom's former and perhaps present lover, who rescued her from NPChood), and they quickly became friends.

So nice to meet you. "Mom's told me so much about you!" "You don't seem all that scary."

So there are the Langeraks, proceeding into the future a minute at a time. More updates, no doubt, later on.