Justin, Jean, Jan, and Jen a random Danvers update

To start out a completely random Danvers update, Justin has gotten very fond of Olivia Langerak, and vice-versa.

Justin and Olivia hug out in front of Justin's place

Justin and Olivia kiss (sort of) A friendly goodbye. Note that this is not a kiss, this is just a goodbye. Neither Justin nor Olivia have yet had a First Kiss.

And (difficult as it was to leave Olivia) he has escaped the chaos of the house by heading off to college.

John Danvers waves goodbye to Justin Grampa John sees him off. I think that's his Mom Georgia coming home in the limo in the background; I don't know where his Mom Jane is. The "come see off the new college student" motive doesn't seem to be very reliable.

He took over the old Raptor place at SSU from Damion Cormier (see "Sleeping Through College"), and now has a big Want for Olivia to come join him. If she moves right in with him, they'll probably have to make up some good story for the parents (there's only one bed in the house, after all).

For whatever reason (mostly I think that Jane constantly wants to invite people over, and also that it's just in character that they tend to grab anyone who passes by and invite them in, and also that their front door opens right onto the sidewalk) the Danvers place is generally full of friends (and casual acquaintances).

Lots of people having lunch A typical lunch party. Let's see, besides the residents we have the Headmaster guy (currently offduty; I think Jean invited him over), and Joan in the hat visiting from college, and Sandy Bruty (who Jane constantly wants to interact with, and is extremely good although completely platonic friends with), and in the background Taylor who must have been just passing by or something talking to John about the mythical "rain".

Having the house so full of people sometimes leads to little incidents.