More events at the Bright House Time passes at SSU

Last time we looked in at the Bright house at SSU, Jane Stacks had graduated and Hermes Zoom had moved in (and done his first term paper and met his first stunning college girl).

Hermes and Camryn took full advantage of that lucky first meeting.

Hermes and Camryn in the hot tub (again) Another evening in the hot tub. This time nicely cuddled up together.

Hermes and Camryn kiss, with floating hearts Their first kiss. With the traditional magical floating (biodegradable) hearts.

And one of our more sophisticated couples also took their relationship up a notch.

Martin proposes to Jane Martin pops the question. Jane enthusiastically accepted. Since Jane's living back in the neighborhood now, will this more formal bond help them avoid other temptations until Martin graduates and they can be together full-time again? Suspense!

Love was very much in the air at the Bright house.

An evening party, with much hugging These decadent college kids. That's Martin and Jane lost in each other in the background, Hermes and Camryn hugging in the foreground, and Damion Cormier chatting up some gownie whose name I've forgotten hanging out on the turf.

Looking back on it, they had more or less constant parties (some official parties with scores and everything, and some just times when a zillion people come over for whatever reason).

Yet another party Generally centered around the hot tub. Clockwise from upper left, that's Sally the Raptor matriarch, Damion Cormier again (now an adult, I think, talking about that final he aced back in college), Allegra, and Martin.

Allegra has a snit at Jane and Martin, who are blocking the trash can while kissing And sometimes the kitchen. "Could you two make out somewhere less in the way?" I forget who the young woman on the left is; I'll assume it's some dormie passerby, and apologize to her later if I was wrong. Where is Hermes during all this? Let's see...

Camryn pretends surprise as Hermes pulls her closer on the bed There he is! Camryn feigns surprise at her beau's forwardness. This is Allegra's bed, but she's busy downstairs complaining about the traffic.

Hermes gets a Good Party memory while sleeping spooned with Camryn A good party indeed.

Several parties later, Martin and Allegra took their final finals.

Jane greets Martin on his return from his last final Jane was waiting in all her voluptuousity when Martin came back from his final final. Lots of aspiration points for a good graduation. Jane should really be thinking about Martin, not Allegra, but there's no accounting for thoughts.

Allegra in cap and gown Allegra arranges one last party. Doesn't she look serious in the cap and gown?

Some guests arrive Some guests arrive. That's her squeeze Castor Nova that she's hugging. Dunno who the other person is.

A private party upstairs A little private partying upstairs. I should really play Castor sometime. But the Greek houses still confuse me.

No party lasts forever...

Allegra becomes an adult "A bit pastel, but not bad."

Allegra heads for the taxi "You coming, Martin?" The little daughter and I disagree about whether or not she'd find these clothes acceptable. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt at the moment, but I dunno...

Martin smooches his intended "Just a second." One last college smooch before adulthood. The fireman seems to approve.

Martin heads for the taxi "See you back in the neighborhood, Jane!" His clothes are just fine, if a little dull.

Hermes amid the ruins Hermes was briefly alone in the house. The traditional heir-shot.

Camryn moves in But not for long. Camryn moves in. She's Family aspiration; I forget her LTW.

Camryn and Hermes between the sheets Awww... Due to move-in amnesia, she gets another First Woohoo memory (very odd).

Camryn and Hermes settled quickly into the happy SSU routine.

Hermes discusses sex with the coach Discussing one's first sexual experience with the coach.

Camryn at the computer in her undies Writing term papers in your underwear.

Hermes and some guys in togas Hanging out with people in togas. Hermes got into the frat that Castor Nova belongs to! But it was Hermes's Want, not mine, and I have no idea what to do with the fact.

Hermes and Camryn asleep, with fireworks And generally enjoying life. The fireworks went on for hours that night, long after the happy couple were asleep.

Next time at the Bright house: Zachary Langerak arrives.