Hermes Moves In Part I: Hermes is off

Hermes Zoom's teen years were focused and uneventful. Although he did do some casual hanging out,

Hermes hangs out And got to meet one sexy redheaded college girl.

most of his life was focused on school and work

Hermes off to work "So when I get home, I'll have just time to finish that assignment, and..." My first teen to have a job; verdict: pretty boring.

So it was no surprise at all when he announced that his scholarships were all in order and his early-admission application accepted, and he was off.

Hermes off to college "Hooby, nooby!" Ransom's always been somewhat in awe of his son.

Among other things, Hermes called ahead well in advance to arrange for off-campus housing, which he thought would minimize the distractions of dorm life. By a great coincidence, the ad he found was the one that Martin and Allegra placed when Jane Stacks moved out.

Next episode: Hermes at the Bright House.

Hermes Moves In Part II: So This Is College!

Hermes arrived at the Bright House just after dark, a newly-minted Young Adult.

Hermes at college "A cozy efficient-looking place."

But on his way to the front door, he noticed a mellow light coming from an odd tub-like thing off to the side.

Hermes discovers the tub Thoughts of efficiency vanished from his mind. I have no idea why gownie Camryn was in the Bright hot-tub when I loaded up the lot; perhaps she was left over from their last party or something.

He found himself soaking in warm water, surrounded by scented candles, with a scantily-clad and adultly-curved beauty smiling across from him.

They soaked for a long time, and then got out to cool off in the night air, hanging out on the grass and talking.

Hermes hangs out with Camryn "This is such a friendly place!" And he hasn't even met his housemates yet
Hermes Moves In Part III: Love and Theses

By the time Camryn had to leave, he felt close enough for a spontaneous hug, and she hugged him back.

A warm and scantily-clad hug Or is it "Kamryn"? He didn't know the spelling, or her last name, but he knew how he felt about her. Maybe it had something to do with those candles.

Flushed with optimism and enthusiasm for college life, he bounded inside, where everyone seemed to be asleep (although there were some odd sounds coming from the bedroom that the letter said was Allegra Gorey's). He sat down in front of the computer in the room he would share with Martin, and launched right into his studies.

Hermes at the computer "Nearly done!" He finished it the next morning, actually. Note that the double bed on this side has been replaced by two comfy single beds. I don't know what we're going to do if Jane wants to visit for the night.

So here's Hermes Zoom, with an impressive start to his college career, and the Bright House with someone to look after it when Allegra and Martin graduate. I think we'll be seeing quite a bit more of Camryn (Hermes just spun up a Very First Kiss want, despite being Fortune; she really impressed him!).