Jane Stacks graduates and reinvents herself

Here's Jane Stacks, senior (ha ha!) member of the Bright Household, running eagerly off to her final finals at Sim State U.

Jane running Real life awaits. She doesn't have a perfect average, since Maxis gives her to us as a Junior with a less than perfect record, but she doesn't seem to mind. Allegra in the background there is about to put away the bass and walk more casually to her own Sophomore (I think it is) finals.

And here she is back, celebrating.

Jane and Castor do the Cheer Voh, gerbits! She's the only graduating senior around, but her younger friends are happy for her. They're still trapped in the endless non-summer of SSU for at least a couple more years.

She's not really a party animal, and decides to just call the cab and go back to the neighborhood. After a last goodbye smooch.

Jane and Martin kiss on the lawn Awwww... And Allegra's giving Castor a backrub. I'm considering moving Castor into the Bright house when Martin and Allegra graduate; on the other hand I might someday want to play the Greek house that he lives in now. Hmm.

Jane makes The Call, and does the Transformation.

Jane becomes a full adult "I'm an adult!" "And my clothes look awful!"

The taxi comes quickly, and she's off.

Martin and Allegra wave good-bye "Good-bye! Good luck!" "Sorry about the clothes thing!"

She moved into a little place on the north side of town.

Jane's new house Jane's New House One of the pre-built Maxis houses; the "bonny bungalow" or something. Small but functional; a decent place to wait for one's intended to graduate.

Depressingly bare at first. And having both questionable clothes (nothing to do with her voluptuous shape, I don't think; the purple leather top just doesn't work with those pants) and a hairstyle left over from college ("pushed off the forehead and not washed since Wednesday" was fine at SSU, but not so much anymore), Jane wasn't feeling too joyous for the first few days.

Jane in the bare kitchen Sigh... Actually her mood was pretty good; but I found it sort of depressing. Narratively speaking.

Jane got a job in the Artist track quickly (a common career for Physics majors, I understand), and before long had saved up a bit of money.

Jane earns some cash We've got a lot of what it takes to get along. I forget which of the money-earning milestones this is. 5K, maybe? If stipends while in college count.

First thing she did was go out and get some new clothes.

Jane's new sweater Now that's more like it. Doesn't she look delectable? (Sweater from the Sims Republic.)

That boosted her mood considerably in my imagination, not so much in the game, where she was pretty much platinum all along, as did visits from Martin, and meeting friendly new neighbors.

Jane and Peran Mmmm... Friendly and handsome new neighbors. But Jane is waiting loyally for Martin.

And, as a final touch, Jane finally noticed her hair.

Jane's new hair What a difference a little conditioner makes. Some of the more radical hair changes should really require time and/or money and/or a visit to a commercial lot, don't you think? Although this one was pretty simple, if impressive.

So here's Jane Stacks, rising young Llama Whittler, admiring herself in the mirror and looking forward to the rest of her life. Dozens more pictures, most likely, to follow...