Damion and Lucy The playboy and the maid

As we've noted before, after his memorable college career Damion Cormier moved into a spiffy bachelor pad, and began living the good life. After a few dozen unnecessary pictures of that, this tells the next bit of the story. (And yeah it's a sort of hackneyed and sappy story, but that's part of the fun!)

Damion's life in the neighborhood began about as you'd expect.

Damion smooches a pretty co-ed Love... That's Jennifer yet again.

Damion gets a money-memory ...and Money Recall that his Lifetime Want is to be a Hall of Famer.

He entered enthusiastically into the local Romance community.

Damion hits on Eleanor Raptor Both of Sally's grown daughters were his very good friends.

Damion flirts with Gina Raptor Although Gina (a fellow athlete) was his favorite.

Damion and Gina making out on the lawn Love in the twilight And this was the first time they met, too; he brought her home from work and they caught fire on the front lawn.

He also kept up with his former college professors.

Damion admires Professor Lyndsay, who is getting into the hot tub nude, as usual The nude Professor Lyndsay It's the woohoo face again, narf narf!

Damion and Professor Marcel between the sheets The happy Professor Marcel