Damion and Lucy The playboy and the maid

As we've noted before, after his memorable college career Damion Cormier moved into a spiffy bachelor pad, and began living the good life. After a few dozen unnecessary pictures of that, this tells the next bit of the story. (And yeah it's a sort of hackneyed and sappy story, but that's part of the fun!)

Damion's life in the neighborhood began about as you'd expect.

Damion smooches a pretty co-ed Love... That's Jennifer yet again.

Damion gets a money-memory ...and Money Recall that his Lifetime Want is to be a Hall of Famer.

He entered enthusiastically into the local Romance community.

Damion hits on Eleanor Raptor Both of Sally's grown daughters were his very good friends.

Damion flirts with Gina Raptor Although Gina (a fellow athlete) was his favorite.

Damion and Gina making out on the lawn Love in the twilight And this was the first time they met, too; he brought her home from work and they caught fire on the front lawn.

He also kept up with his former college professors.

Damion admires Professor Lyndsay, who is getting into the hot tub nude, as usual The nude Professor Lyndsay It's the woohoo face again, narf narf!

Damion and Professor Marcel between the sheets The happy Professor Marcel Throughout this period Damion would constantly get "Invite X over" Wants for various values of X, and in typical Romance fashion he would also get a "Woohoo" (with anyone) Want on getting home from work. The days therefore took on a certain sameness, but he was pretty content.

As time passed the endless succession of lovers became a bit routine. Damion began to have parties, both formal and informal.

Damion and three ladies, in swimsuits, discussing make-out styles Lunch with the ladies Let's see, this is Professor Jane (standing), Sandy Bruty (with her back to us), and Jennifer from SSU (talking about making out). All three are in love with him (I've pretty much given up on trying to keep Sandy anything like faithful to Brandi), and he's getting very good at avoiding jealousy incidents.

He also worked hard on himself.

Damion maxes out Body Maxing out the Body skill. A necessity for advancing toward the Hall of Fame. Must be hard on the finger, though.

Not that he gave up his Romance ways entirely, by any means.

Damion and Professor Arcadia dream of themselves Dreaming of themselves This picture included solely for amusement value.

Damion making himself salmon while Sandy sleeps in the bed What kind of man reads Playsim?

Damion gets an even snazzier money memory Yet more money And more career advancement. LTW, here we come!

Damion and Gina admire each other The mutual admiration society This picture included solely... well, you know.

Damion did his own cleaning (with a little help from his friends) for most of his career, but eventually decided he could afford to hire a maid. An attractive maid, as it turned out, in a skimpy little uniform.

Damion tips Lucy the maid Damion tips Lucy Couldn't hurt to make friends...

Damion looks at Lucy, and thinks about kissing Damion considers He's waiting for some lover to show up for a visit, but Lucy is quite distracting.

Usually he was at work when she came to clean. He tried calling her on the phone a few times and turning on the charm, but she didn't seem interested in his usual lines. So he mostly forgot about her, and returned to his established lovers.

Damion and Arcadia, dirty dancing Dirty dancing SSU professors like a good time.

Professor Marcel makes dinner Professor Marcel makes dinner. Mmm, salmon!

Damion and Jennifer, in their undies, watch a fight Then there was that burglary. The alarm woke Damion and Jennifer (or wait, I don't think that's actually Jennifer; some other college friend probably). The burglar stole Damion's lounge chair from the front yard, and won the fight with the police officer (so he got away with it); first time I've seen that happen!

Damion and Gina, in matching coach outfits, consider making out "So you wanna make out, or what?" Coaches at rest. (Damion brought Gina home from work pretty frequently. I love the color-coordinated coaching outfits.)

Damion and Gina play the punching game in their undies And after the lovemaking, the punching games! I hardly ever have my Sims play the bizarre "Punch me Punch you" game, but somehow it seemed called for here.

Then on one of Damion's days off, he stopped and chatted with the maid a bit.

Lucy admires Damion Blushing, she admitted her admiration for him. "You're the only client that's been so nice to me. And you have such a cool house. And your team rocks!"

Damion admires Lucy And he returned the compliment. "And you, um, have such good taste in coaches!"

Damion and Lucy talk about the weather, in the hot tub He invited her for a soak in the tub. "Nice weather we're having!" "As opposed to what?"

Lucy stretches impressively after a backrub The next day he invited her over for an evening backrub. Coaches know all about stiff muscles.

Lucy began to look forward eagerly to her professional visits to the pad.

Lucy looking wistful in her van "I hope he's home today."

Damion teaches Lucy to box At the punching bag (This was fun for both me and Damion; first time I ever had anyone offer a visitor lessons on a skilling device.)

Damion and Lucy in the tub again, talking about love "Ah Lucy, I do love -- um -- soaking in the tub." Damion is uncharacteristically shy.

With anyone else he would be putting on the moves, kissing the arms, heading for the bed. But somehow with Lucy... (Cue sappy violins)

Damion talking to Regina London at an evening party He didn't stop having parties. He's talking to Regina London (who's off-limits because of Randy); in the tub are Marcel and I think Jennifer (both Damion's lovers) and Mitch Lawson (it looks like; not sure why he's here).

Damion at his new pool table And playing with playboy toys. (The first time I've had a pool table; pretty amazing animations!)

Damion and Lucy playing pool But he was happiest when Lucy was around. And not only because of the view.

Damion and Lucy dancing "Why haven't I seduced this woman yet?" A puzzlement.

Finally, the Big Day came: Damion was elected to the Neighborhood One Generic Sports Hall of Fame.

Damion in a silly hat, getting twenty-five tousand aspiration points Happy forever. Despite the silly hat.

With his lifetime goal out of the way (well, his first one anyway; now he wants to be a Celebrity Chef, but that may not be in the cards), other things also became clear.

Damion on the phone "Lucy, come over! We can play some pool and, um, talk." For narrative purposes, he's nervous, despite the permanently platinum plumb bob.

Damion and Lucy holding hands

"Lucy, I -- you -- it's been..."


"I mean, you're such a good friend, and I -- that is -- I wonder if we could ever be, you know, anything more than -- frmmmmph?"

Lucy and Damion in each other's arms She didn't need much of a hint. It's fun when two Sims get to be really good friends, and then all over sudden bang fall in love. Hm, sort of like real life? *8)

Lucy moves in Moving in. "I'm not getting any younger, but if you don't mind living with an old man..." "Just show me the dresser!" "Um, well..." (I should buy Damion a dresser.)

Lucy is a Popularity Sim (fortunately; Romance would have been inconvenient), with the usual good skill levels, and a desire to have twenty Best Friends (that's one I've never tried before; should be interesting). And it turns out she was running for the City Council.

Lucy is on the City Council The election results are in; Lucy wins! Helped by that whole llama-corruption scandal in the other party. (Actually she spun up a bunch of career-related Wants, and the first one that came up on the computer was Politics, and I haven't run a politician since Benjamin Long turned to science. We'll see if she stays in the career, or retires in order to work on her LTW. They're pretty well off for money, from Damion's savings.)

Lucy and Damion and Brandi and Justin The Victory Party Next she spun up Have a Party and Have a Great Party Wants, and we did those too. (Newly moved-in Sims are always pretty low on aspiration, and this makes us nervous; so we spoil them for awhile to start out.)

Lucy gets a Good Party thought It was a great success. Platinum for (presumably?) the first time in her life.

After the party, Damion suggested a little rest on the bed.

Lucy and Damion on the bed Lucy feigns surprise.

Lucy and Damion still on the bed Getting more serious.

Lucy and Damion within the bed, with goofy hearts After the storm.

Lucy and Damion asleep The happy ending.

So there we are! Damion has acheived his life's goal and found a life partner, and Lucy Hanby has been rescued from NPChood. Will happiness continue? Will Damion be faithful? Will Lucy? Will there be children, marriage, jealousy, fights? Will I actually let Damion age and die? Some of these questions may be answered in dozens of unnecessary pictures to follow.