Sleeping Through College Damion Cormier's College Years (Part I)

As we saw earlier, when Joan Danvers graduated from SSU she passed along the neat little off-campus house to her boyfriend Damion Cormier. Damion turned out to be a lazy sloppy Romance sim, with an extreme take on college.

Damion thinking of kisses over breakfast What Damion would like to major in. The Muse informed me most definitely that for a change here was a Sim who didn't care about his grades, beyond wanting to pass. It turns out, gratifyingly, that if you ignore enough of those "do assignment" and "write term paper" Wants, they eventually stop rolling up at all.

Damion found the first day of class very interesting, although he entirely ignored the subject matter.

Damion thinking of crushes while looking at a bikini-clad professor Love at first sight. That's Jenna Cameron, the very popular General Studies prof.

He attended no more classes his Freshman year, and did none of those boring assignments, but passed with flying colors anyway on the strength of his good faculty relations.

Damion flirting with that same bikini-clad professor His good faculty relations.

In his Sophomore year, Damion enrolled in the Art department and followed a similar strategy there, with great succcess.

Dorian kissing Professor Jane Royce Kissing Professor Jane Royce.

Dorian flirting with Professor Vince Flirting with Professor Vince whatsit.

He did (reluctantly) attend final exams.

Dorian off to finals in his sweatpants But he ref