Joan Danvers' College Years Yet another story of SSU

In our story so far, Joan Danvers left Rooms to Let for SSU, eager to escape the gross smooching behaviors of the local grownups. But on arrival she found herself pulled in certain smooching-related directions herself.

We cover the rest of her college career with just a few dozen pictures from her photo album.

Gina's old room, improved Dorm room improvements Still Gina's old room, with better walls and more decorations. The poster over the bed is I think Urd, from "Ah, My Goddess".

Joan and the study group The Study Group "On the other hand, modern pollution-control laws..."

Joan jamming with friends Jamming with friends at the Lounge Just like Gina, she found that her fellow students don't tip well.

Joan's dad visits Visitors! Joan and her Dad have always been very fond of each other.

Joan and Jane and Hermes More visitors! Sister Jane and friend Hermes. This is of course while Hermes was still a teenager, before he arrived at college himself.

Joan and Jean and Brandi Yet more visitors! Hey, how can they talk about rain? They've never seen rain. (Mad Scientist Jean is Joan's mom, of course, and Brandi's the landlady of Rooms to Let, and a good friend. Brandi liked the dorm atmosphere so much that I could swear I saw her there the next day sometime chatting with dormies; dunno where she slept.)

Joan painting At the easel. Gina started a similar picture, after the one of Taylor playing chess, but she never finished it. It's silly that one Sim can't finish a picture started by another Sim.

The cafeteria lady in person and in paint A perfect likeness. I don't remember her name at the moment.

Joan and Damion chatting on the bed A quiet conversation. Once again the dormies get to snicker about the dresser and desk that had to be moved into the hall to make room for the double bed.

Joan and Damion between the sheets Between the sheets. She got lots of romantic Wants about Damion for the entire rest of her college career.

Damion watches Joan sleep A loving gaze. Kinda scary, actually. Maybe he's jealous that she's dreaming about Hermes. (Poster from the Sim Republic.)

Joan playing chess with a streaker A friendly game of chess "My God, Joan, he's naked!" / "Hush, Damion, I'm concentrating here."

Joan handcuffed Inducted into the Landgrabb Society! I forget who her three member friends were. (Wall art from Simsational Sandy's.)

Joan hanging out at the Society A friendly place to hang out.

Society members admire Joan's bass playing Playing for the crowd.

Group study at the Society And, of course, geeking out.

Joan and Damion think about kissing Back home Damion was never far from her thoughts; or, apparently, vice-versa. (Wall art from I forget.)

Joan and Damion kissing A warm welcome Right out in public, too; how far she's come, our little Joan.

Joan looks into the camera while making out Hi, there! A little unnerving, that look.

Joan impressing a Professor Impressing a Professor She's so far from the quiet solitary nerd-type that I once imagined her; odd how characters do that.

Joan doing the Chicken Dance with Candice Ng Visiting friends

Joan inherits the house from Candice Moving off-campus! This is, of course, the house that Gina Raptor originally rented, and then passed along to Taylor, who passed it to Candice, who here passes it to Joan. More on that party, and the rest of Candice's college career, here.

Joan left alone with the house Alone after the party

Joan and Damion at the house But not alone for long!

Joan and Debbie are best friends Making friends The advantages of having your own place

Joan in her new undies New clothes How daring! (A modification of the Anarchy Undies, from Sexpot Sims)

Joan and Damion and a streaker Strange visitors

Joan and Damion and a mascot More strange visitors! They weren't always kissing, but the pictures look funnier that way.

Joan at the library Serious scholarship Joan's the first Sim that's gone to the SSU Library, so I hadn't noticed how dull and empty it was. These pictures are after I gussied it up some.

Joan still at the library More serious scholarship Group reseach in the library gift shop.

Joan having lunch among the stacks The ideal nerd lunch I had Joan grill herself a hotdog on the grill behind the library, and for some reason she came inside and upstairs to eat among the stacks.

Joan running off to an exam Off to the last senior year final! She moved into the house at the end of her Junior year, so she didn't live there all that long.

Joan back from exams, thinking about cum laude Returning in triumph Needless to say, she graduated with a four-oh, summa cum laude, etc.

Joan hugs Damion Passing the house along I wasn't really all that fond of Damion, but Joan insisted. Turns out he's a lazy sloppy Romance Sim; ouch! We'll see if Joan continues her fascination with him into adulthood.

The Coach shouts at Joan and Damion, who are in bed "Drop and give me twenty!" "Did you hear something, darling?"

Graduation party guests arrive Guests arrive for the graduation party I should really use that cheat to allow more than two guests at a party. Just two does make the party eaiser to run, but if they both happen to leave it's an automatic Disaster...

Joan and Candice pillowfighting Pillowfight! In cap and gown, yet.

Joan becomes an adult Adulthood! "Does this suit make me look pregnant?"

Joan leaves SSU Homeward bound

Damion amid the remains of the party The heir is left to clean up As usual

Joan arrives back at Rooms to Let Back at good old Rooms to Let Will she still be welcome?

Brandi admires the adult Joan "Look how well you turned out!" No worries on that score.

And that's it (whew!).

Later: Joan and Peran, Damion and half the faculty, etc, etc...