Joan Danvers' College Years Yet another story of SSU

In our story so far, Joan Danvers left Rooms to Let for SSU, eager to escape the gross smooching behaviors of the local grownups. But on arrival she found herself pulled in certain smooching-related directions herself.

We cover the rest of her college career with just a few dozen pictures from her photo album.

Gina's old room, improved Dorm room improvements Still Gina's old room, with better walls and more decorations. The poster over the bed is I think Urd, from "Ah, My Goddess".

Joan and the study group The Study Group "On the other hand, modern pollution-control laws..."

Joan jamming with friends Jamming with friends at the Lounge Just like Gina, she found that her fellow students don't tip well.

Joan's dad visits Visitors! Joan and her Dad have always been very fond of each other.

Joan and Jane and Hermes More visitors! Sister Jane and friend Hermes. This is of course while Hermes was still a teenager, before he arrived at college himself.

Joan and Jean and Brandi Yet more visitors! Hey, how can they talk about rain? They've never seen rain. (Mad Scientist Jean is Joan's mom, of course, and Brandi's the landlady of Rooms to Let, and a good friend. Brandi liked the dorm atmosphere so much that I could swear I saw her there the next day sometime chatting with dormies; dunno where she slept.)