Gina's College Years Part I

(Probably because she's my first Sim through college, and/or because I'm besotted with her, I took about a zillion pictures of Gina Raptor's college career. I won't post more than about fifty of them here, though, so as not to bore you. *8) It will be overwhelmingly obvious from this story that Gina is a thoroughgoing Romance sim; whether this is a matter of predation or generosity is left to the reader to decide.)

The Raptors were quietly proud; little Gina was going to be the first teenager from the neighborhood to attend Sim State University, which had just recently sprung into being.

Dinner before Gina leaves "Yep, Aunt Brandi, I'm all packed. But my suitcase looks nothing like this."

Eleanor went with her to the taxi.

Eleanor waves to Gina The cool air, the sound of the taxi engine, reminded Eleanor of the night Kaylynn left. Two such different poignancies.

And she was off.

Gina off to college Yep, she went off to college in her "00" PJs. Perfectly normal.

She arrived at Sim State half grown-up, striding confidently into the dorm. (The Raptors aren't particularly rich, or particularly thorough about skills and scholarships and stuff, so starting in the nice cheap dorms was the only option. It turned out especially nice financially, since no bills arrived the whole time Gina lived there. Very mysterious.)

Gina at college For a change I really like the default clothes she got. Nice whispy overshirt, long-legged jeans.

She made friends quickly, sitting around the dorm cafeteria, talking about life and the future.

Gina and Rebecca and the future Like her default undies, too; very cute!

She launched right into her studies, and arranged serious one-on-one work sessions with her professors.

Gina working on her grades This isn't how I remember college, somehow.

Research study groups always welcomed her as a member.

Gina researching Might have had something to do with the nightie. The seated girl wasn't very friendly, but could always be counted on to clean up around the dorm if asked nicely. We'll see more of the standing guy later.

As the year wore on, friendships deepened and ripened.

Gina and Ashlee crushing That's Ashlee, Gina's first college crush. Aren't they cute?

Various friendships.

Gina loves Rebecca That's Rebecca. I think we're somewhere in Sophomore year by now.

Visits by family friends helped her keep in touch with the home neighborhood.

Gina loves Andrea That's Andrea from the 'hood. We like Andrea alot.

Not all of her time was spent in romance, of course. Some of it was spent in talking about romance.

Gina and Jessamyn (I think her name is) "Kissing? Yeah, I like kissing. But pretty much just boys, you know?"

And of course considerable time was spent in scholarly pursuits.

Gina and Professor Jenna Although as it turns out Prof. Jenna there isn't actually in her department. So this was a purely recreational encounter.

Toward the end of her Sophomore year, with a little money saved up from the stipends her good grades earned, and with it becoming increasingly difficult to keep her various very good friends in the dorm properly separated, Gina pointed her browser at the Off-Campus Housing Offers page on SimStateU dot com, and looked at houses.

Gina househunting I'm quite fond of the composition of this shot, although I probably shouldn't be.

And through great good fortune, she found the perfect property. Here she is, just after class, about to open the door for the first time.

Gina's off-campus house Cozy, i'n't it?

In our next episode(s), the pros and cons of off-campus housing, a very forward professor, some people in blazers, a late-night abduction, the future of the house, a party, and maybe eventually Graduation!

Gina's College Years Part II

(I hope all these millions of images aren't causing anyone any problems loading the page or anything.)

Having her own place simplified Gina's life considerably. She could entertain good friends one at a time, without much danger of complication.

Gina and Ashlee at breakfast Matching undies!

Her friend Taylor (she did a nice painting of him playing chess back in the dorm, but I can't find a picture of it) turned out to be a very snappy dresser when outside the dorm. A very interesting blazer.

Gina and Taylor upstairs Finally, room for a double bed.

And even a block off campus, interesting people would still drop by.

Gina and some cheerleader "Hm, nice shade of lipstick."

One day she invited a professor from her department over. It was the first time they'd met outside of class (and the occasional telephone call), but he was quite forward. Complimenting her extravagantly the first time he visited:

Why, Professor, you're too kind! "Why, Professor, you're too kind!"

And the second time, he actually kissed her!

She didn't exactly object. She didn't exactly object.

They got along very well; he was one of her favorite professors, and she apparently impressed him very favorably.

The Prof asleep. I can't actually remember his name; but I'm sure Gina can.

Notional weeks and months passed, and Gina entered into her Senior year with a sparkling academic record (as well as continuing to enjoy a busy social life). That snappy blazer turned up again on Regina, a casual acquaintance from the dorm who dropped by one day.

Regina in her blazer, and the hot tub. "Nice blazer, Regina! Would you like to try out the hot tub?"

They quickly became friends...

Gina and Regina talking in the hot tub. "I enjoy all manner of amorous pursuits."

...finding important interests in common.

Gina and Regina talking by the hot tub. "I too enjoy all manner of amorous pursuits; preferably in public!"

(This was where Gina did that great looking into the camera thing.)

The blazer turned up yet again on an even more casual acquaintance passing by.

Gina and a passerby head for the tub. "Nice blazer, stranger! Would you like to try out the hot tub?"

They were interrupted by a ringing phone, and a mysterious limousine.

Gina and the grim mysterious stranger. "Can I call you back, Sophie? I'm, like, being abducted right now."

There was that blazer again.

Gina and the grim mysterious stranger with handcuffs. "Aren't we supposed to agree on a safeword somewhere in here?"

The limo dropped her off on a street she'd never seen before. She was wearing one of those blazers herself, and there was her very good friend Taylor, cheering and welcoming her to an ancient secret society.

Gina arrives at the Secret Society "So that's why he asked me all those questions about kidnapping fantasies and stuff. Heh. Sort of disappointing, in a way."

She considered punching Taylor's lights out, but instead she greeted him tenderly. Raptors' hearts are flitting generous things.

Gina and Taylor (Ouch, nasty jpeg artifacts in there.)

Gina made herself comfortable in the elegant old house.

Gina at the Secret Society Very nice digs.

When she finally had to leave, she looked back fondly at the building, and wished that she'd found out about it sooner in her college career.

Gina leaving in the limo In fact I don't think she ever went back. But it was cool in principle.

In our next episode(s): money troubles, the end of Senior year, etc, etc!

Gina's College Years Part III

(Looks like we're going to have IV parts, but the last two will be shorter than the first two.)

Gina returned from the Landgraab Society building flush with feelings of wealth and abundance. She went out shopping (and contracting), and made numerous improvements to the little house.

The improved house The trees, bigger porch, front walk, and stuff inside that you can't see here.

Unfortunately, when she was done she found that she had used essentially all of her money. So she hit the campus lounge, hoping to score some tips performing on the guitar. Unfortunately, the other students there were more interested in performing with her.

Gina on Guitar Some of them were really awful, too.

Next, she tried tending bar. This was slightly more successful.

Gina serves a drink The pay is steady, and sometimes you meet cute guys.

Wallet no longer empty and the end of her final semester approaching, Gina got down to serious academic business once again.

Gina and the Prof "Um, Professor honey, could you put down the book? It's sort of digging into my side."

When you're as popular as Gina, the phone can be a real annoyance.

Gina's embedded phone rings at the worst times More evidence for the theory that Sims have subcutaneous cellphone pouches.

The last final exam of her undergraduate career only hours away, our heroine does some last-minute intensive cramming.

Gina napping on the couch "Urm. Women's dress styles and proletarian semiotics. Snorfle."

Then, it's time to go.

Off to the final in her swimsuit "They make me leave for a final before dawn, they get me dressed as I am."

She returns in triumph! Magna See-You-Em Laude.

Gina returns in triumph and her swimsuit No bilingual puns here, no sirree!

Gleeful, she calls family and friends and talks about success and love and philosophy.

Love these artsy through-the-window shots. Love these artsy through-the-window shots.

She invites friends over for a little private celebration; the big party will come later.

Ah Joe, you're so big and strong, and those stains on the kitchen counter are so tough... "Ah Joe, you're so big and strong, and those stains on the kitchen counter are so tough..."

It's a happy moment.

Joe cleaning inside while Gina and Andrea frolic in the hot tub Once in awhile there's a good reason for a walls-down shot.

The next morning, Taylor comes over for a morning pick-me-up. "So Taylor," she says, "I've been thinking it'd be a pity to leave the house to some stranger. And since you're mysteriously still a freshman despite having been at college since the day after I enrolled and somehow getting into the Landgraab Society before me, I thought maybe you could come and live here and watch the place after I've gone."

Taylor gladly accepts.

Gina hugs Taylor "Oh, and if you could bring in around a thousand Simoleons to help pay for the graduation party?"

In the next and final episode of Gina's college years: the big grad party, and goodbye to Sim State U!

Gina's College Years Part IV

(The epilogue.)

After graduation and recovery, what's left but to party?! Gina sets up the yard.

Gina sets up for the party. "God, this hat really brings out that d#arned zit."

Gina invites some of her friends (but no lovers, so as not to upset kind Taylor, who is upstairs sleeping; Frosh have tough lives). So this is just a friendly hug:

The party guests arrive. Okay, let's play "stand as far apart as possible, so as to frustrate the camera"! That's Randy to the right, from Unsticking Jennifer.

As night fell, the friends relaxed with a hot tub and a hot fire.

Roasting marshmallows. Mmm, gooey marshmallows.

What more could a girl ask for?

Conversing in the tub. "This tub isn't powered by fossil fuels, is it?"

Adulthood, that's what!

Adult Gina "Hm, same basic me, stuffy swimsuit, but yes: no more zit!!"

Cutting things close, Gina went straight from the party (a Roof Raiser) to her airport-bound taxi.

Gina getting into the taxi No luggage, of course; Sims have it easy.

Good-bye, dear Sim State U! Good-bye all my very good friends out there! It was fun!

Gina leaving college Sniff! I think I'm gonna cry. Don't worry, Randy, I'm sure you'll see her again.

And after everyone else is gone Taylor is left by himself, with the quiet house and his own future.

Taylor and a messy yard And an incredible mess! Fortunately, he's one of those neat-freaks, and loves cleaning up stuff like this.

So there we are! I hope y'all liked the story, and that it wasn't Way Too Much Detail.

Eager to hear about what your Sims are doing. *8)