Transitions Part I: Adults are gross

"God, Taylor, will you stop with the smuggling stories? You've really got me missing it!"

"So? You keep saying you're gonna call up some of your old henchmen and get back into it. What's stopping you?"

"Ya know, you're right!"

"A bank job, you say? I could get into a bank job." Although she's a little jealous that Taylor got right into smuggling. In her day a college degree wouldn't have meant a thing in the underworld. How times change. (Wall art from Simsational Sandy's.)

Later that night, Brandi and Sandy get friendly in the living room, and Joan freaks out.

"Ewwwwww!" Adults are gross.

Then everyone gets dressed, and Brandi's off to work.

Joan: "Ewww!"; Brandi: "Was I that weird as a teenager?"; Sandy: "Mmmmm..." Note that Sandy is looking the other way, and doesn't notice Brandi's outfit. This is significant.
Transitions Part II: To an ungrosser place

"Man, it's great hanging out with you guys. You wouldn't believe what the adults around here get into. I wish I was at college or something."

"But talking about important stuff, like space aliens..." Joan doesn't seem to have noticed that Candice (center, a college student) has just as strong a tendency toward gross adult behavior as Brandi and Sandy. (That's Hermes Zoom on the left; he may be off to college soon himself.)

"That's it! I've got my scholarships, I'm old enough. I'm outta here!"

Leaving again. If I'd thought about it a little harder, I would have had her parents around for the great sendoff. But she was in a hurry.

Off into the future.