Candice Ng's college years

(A long uneventful story.)

We first met Candice Ng during Taylor Almassizadeh's college years; they fell in love, and when he graduated he left her the neat little off-campus house that Gina Raptor had passed to him. Here's Candice studying downstairs, just after she made some improvements to the place:

Candice and the new wallpaper. Candice and the new wallpaper. Taylor kept meaning to do something about the boring walls, but never got around to it.

Her college career was largely uneventful, modulo the usual little incidents.

Candice burns the pancakes. Candice burns the pancakes. So she got to meet a nice fireman.

She did last-minute cramming for exams in the tradition of her predecessors.

Candice snoozing on the couch. "Oh, Mr. Dickens, you shouldn't have! Smrmmph." That couch is a real heirloom.

Taylor was a frequent guest.

Taylor wakes up. Dites-moi pourquoi la vie est belle...

As we've seen before, Candice met Joan Danvers when Joan was a rebellious teenager living at Rooms To Let. Once Joan arrived at college, Candice looked her up and renewed the acquaintance.

Candice admires Joan. "You must have been a beautiful baby." Family Sims are always thinking stuff like that.

They became good friends.

Candice gives Joan a backrub. Mmmm... Amusingly enough, the person in the hottub in the background is named Brandi LeTourneau; apparently no relation to the Brandi LeTourneau that's the landlady of Rooms To Let, though. Silly Maxis name-engine!

Being a personable person, Candice made other friends as well.

Candice and Regina in the hot tub. "And I'm this close to being on the Dean's List!" Forrest in the background there, doing some cleaning up, isn't actually naked; the trash-can lid just hides his trunks.

And she made enough friends of a Certain Kind to get her a vist from the Chicken Dancer.

Candice and someone doing a chicken dance. "Eww, do you have any idea how silly that looks?" Taylor had told her a certain amount about the Society, of course. But its esoteric admission ritual has to be experienced to be entirely believed.

Hanging out at the Secret Society was fun.

Candice hanging out with some guys in blazers. "But what if we were to control the government?" I like how whatsisname there is lying with his head in the street. Very realistic actually, given the kids I knew in college.

With all the stipends over the years, the little house was getting quite nice.

Candice on the new upstairs terrace. A pretty view Not that there's ever any actual game reason to go out there.

Senior year rolled around and passed by, as senior years do.

Candice and Sandy and a passing streaker. With the occasional streaker to liven things up. That's Sandy Bruty from back in the neighborhood come by for a visit (the one in the bikini, not the streaker).

Just one last term paper to write.

Candice at the computer. Burning the midnight oil. I don't remember Gina ever writing a term paper, but Taylor and especially Candice have. I don't know if it's something about the Sims themselves, or just my playing style evolving.

The morning of her last final, she put on one of those temporary tatoos, for luck.

Candice at the mirror admiring the heart on her cheek. And for love. My first effort in the make-up part of Body Shop; isn't it spiffy?

She aced her finals, and returned to the house truimphant and ravenous.

Candice eating chili, with a graduation memory. Chili cum laude Ha ha! Get it? "Chili cum laude"! It's a joke!

She got on the phone and called her friends over for the traditional graduation party.

Candice in cap and gown, on the phone. It's just sinking in; college is over. She hates the cap almost as much as Gina did.

During the party, she turned the house over to the next generation: Joan Danvers.

The traditional hug. The traditional hug. Hm, Joan's nearly a senior herself; who should get the place next? I'm not all that fond of her seldom-showering boyfriend. Ah well, we'll figure it out in time.

After the party, the aging-up.

Candice is an adult. "Hey, I look just like me!" Taylor's heading back home to arrange things in the neighborhood.

And the going away.

Candice gets a good-party memory as Joan waves good-bye. Candice gets a good-party memory as Joan waves good-bye. Hm, interesting clothes. Not awful, anyway.

Finally, the traditional shot of the house's next occupant, left with the mess to clean up as the taxi pulls away.

Joan watches the taxi take Candice away. Ch-ch-ch-changes Probably not the last time I'll use that picture caption.

But before we get millions of pictures of Joan's occupancy of the house, my crystal ball predicts millions of pictures of Candice's arrival back in the neighborhood; tune in next time!