Candice Ng's college years

(A long uneventful story.)

We first met Candice Ng during Taylor Almassizadeh's college years; they fell in love, and when he graduated he left her the neat little off-campus house that Gina Raptor had passed to him. Here's Candice studying downstairs, just after she made some improvements to the place:

Candice and the new wallpaper. Candice and the new wallpaper. Taylor kept meaning to do something about the boring walls, but never got around to it.

Her college career was largely uneventful, modulo the usual little incidents.

Candice burns the pancakes. Candice burns the pancakes. So she got to meet a nice fireman.

She did last-minute cramming for exams in the tradition of her predecessors.

Candice snoozing on the couch. "Oh, Mr. Dickens, you shouldn't have! Smrmmph." That couch is a real heirloom.

Taylor was a frequent guest.

Taylor wakes up. Dites-moi pourquoi la vie est belle...

As we've seen before, Candice met Joan Danvers when Joan was a rebellious teenager living at Rooms To Let. Once Joan arrived at college, Candice looked her up and renewed the acquaintance.

Candice admires Joan. "You must have been a beautiful baby." Family Sims are always thinking stuff like that.

They became good friends.

Candice gives Joan a backrub. Mmmm... Amusingly enough, the person in the hottub in the background is named Brandi LeTourneau; apparently no relation to the Brandi LeTourneau that's the landlady of Rooms To Let, though. Silly Maxis name-engine!

Being a personable person, Candice made other friends as well.