Taylor's college years

(In only twenty pictures!)

We first met Taylor Almassizadeh during Gina Raptor's college years; he was one of Gina's many very good friends, and when she graduated she passed along her neat little off-campus house to him. Here he is lounging around upstairs.

Taylor looking hunky. Babe city Note the elegant college decor.

He came built-in with a Secret Society membership (he was Gina's primary sponsor, in fact), which came in handy now and then.

Taylor studying at Landgrabb House. Studying with the elite Society members should automatically change into their llama blazers when they enter the lot.

He also enjoyed studying with his friends and classmates, including the attractive Candice Ng.

Taylor studying with Candice. Studying with a friend After a little dip in the tub outdoors.

Before long, he set about wooing her.

Taylor woos Candice. Love in the twilight He knew better than to leave his heart with Gina.

Candice looking sultry. Candice looking sultry after a good-night kiss. She's really quite shy, but Taylor brings out this seductive streak now and then.

There's more to college than romance, of course. There's also looking through windows with your telescope.

Ransom Zoon shoves Taylor. "Peeping young whippersnapper!" "Oh, Taylor," says the blonde cheerleader, "I'll save you by thrusting my hand through this nasty old man's bicep!"

And trying to learn the School Cheer.