Taylor's college years

(In only twenty pictures!)

We first met Taylor Almassizadeh during Gina Raptor's college years; he was one of Gina's many very good friends, and when she graduated she passed along her neat little off-campus house to him. Here he is lounging around upstairs.

Taylor looking hunky. Babe city Note the elegant college decor.

He came built-in with a Secret Society membership (he was Gina's primary sponsor, in fact), which came in handy now and then.

Taylor studying at Landgrabb House. Studying with the elite Society members should automatically change into their llama blazers when they enter the lot.

He also enjoyed studying with his friends and classmates, including the attractive Candice Ng.

Taylor studying with Candice. Studying with a friend After a little dip in the tub outdoors.

Before long, he set about wooing her.

Taylor woos Candice. Love in the twilight He knew better than to leave his heart with Gina.

Candice looking sultry. Candice looking sultry after a good-night kiss. She's really quite shy, but Taylor brings out this seductive streak now and then.

There's more to college than romance, of course. There's also looking through windows with your telescope.

Ransom Zoon shoves Taylor. "Peeping young whippersnapper!" "Oh, Taylor," says the blonde cheerleader, "I'll save you by thrusting my hand through this nasty old man's bicep!"

And trying to learn the School Cheer.

Taylor's cheering attempt horrifies the cheerleader. "No, no, no! It's bodda suula gorn!" Everyone's a perfectionist.

On the other hand, there is lots of romance.

Taylor and Candice in love. Shiny new loves.

Taylor and Gina cuddling. And familiar old ones. Gina visits for a little nostalgic cuddling.

But proximity wins over nostalgia.

Taylor and Candice cuddling. Cuddling after the First Big Make-Out Session. Love the rotating lips.

And one thing leads to another.

Taylor and Candice postwoohoo. Love between the sheets. Goofy purple time.

Like any college kid, Taylor made some mistakes.

Taylor, pretty in pink. "I don't know, it was like some supernatural force made me put it on!" I was being silly in Body Shop, and Taylor was a convenient model. Heh heh heh.

As the end of senior year approached, he got serious about his studies.

Taylor working on one last paper. One last paper. Taylor made much more use of the Landgrabb Society than Gina ever did.

Here he is cramming for his finals, in the style pioneered by his predecessor.

Taylor snoozing on the couch. "Mrrmph. An Abelian Grape? Frmphll."

He graduated with honors. Just after his last final he invited Candice over and popped the question.

Taylor moves Candice in. "How'd you like to take over the house when I move out?" Why, what question did you think I meant?

They enjoyed a couple of idyllic days together in the house.

Taylor and Candice spooning. Awww... I think it was really just one night, but Sim time is different.

And then it was Grad Party Time!

Taylor dancing around the bonfire. An ancient twentieth-century ritual I don't remember the name of the woman he's dancing with.

Candice had to go to class early in the party, but she got back in time for the Main Event.

Taylor ages up. "Hey, looka me, baby!" Candice can't help but notice that most of the party guests are hot scantily-clad women. It was a complete coincidence, though. Really!

Time to go.

Candice waves good-bye. "Write me every day!" Note semi-transparent passerby in the foreground. And our first look at Taylor's spiffy white shoes!

Candice followed the taxi to the corner, melancholy.

Candice alone. Candice alone. The house passes to the next generation.

As narrated elsewhere, Taylor moved into Brandi LeTourneau's boarding house back in the neighborhood. Candice continued with her college career, which will be covered in way too much detail in an upcoming episode. Don't miss it!