George, the Diva, and Mr. Big

The end of George's college career was alot like the middle.

Sheila enthuses about public woohoo Hanging around in the hot tub with Sheila. Talking about public woohoo, worrying about one's girlfriend's predilections

Eventually it was time for that final final.

George, looking rather grim, goes off to a final Off into the dusk.

He got back from that final final at the same time that Gabriel got back from his own Sophomore or something final (which he'd attended in his underdrawers).

George and Gabriel hug on the sidewalk A congratulatory hug George graduated Summa in Political Science I think it was.

After one last campus Dream Date with Sheila...

George looking pensive; Sheila sleeping in the background Still wondering what role she'll play in his future

...he got up and called the taxi.

George on the phone in his last moments of youngadulthood No party for George. He doesn't know all that many people; too busy studying.

"You've just graduated from SSU, George! Now what are you going to do?"

George in his brand-new bowling shirt, saying goodbye to Gabriel and Jen "I'm going bowling!" Love his adult clothes. Very compatible with his Hall of Famer LTW, too. (Somehow it looks like he's about to grab Jen and kiss her goodbye, but really it's all just innocent waving.)