George, the Diva, and Mr. Big

The end of George's college career was alot like the middle.

Sheila enthuses about public woohoo Hanging around in the hot tub with Sheila. Talking about public woohoo, worrying about one's girlfriend's predilections

Eventually it was time for that final final.

George, looking rather grim, goes off to a final Off into the dusk.

He got back from that final final at the same time that Gabriel got back from his own Sophomore or something final (which he'd attended in his underdrawers).

George and Gabriel hug on the sidewalk A congratulatory hug George graduated Summa in Political Science I think it was.

After one last campus Dream Date with Sheila...

George looking pensive; Sheila sleeping in the background Still wondering what role she'll play in his future

...he got up and called the taxi.

George on the phone in his last moments of youngadulthood No party for George. He doesn't know all that many people; too busy studying.

"You've just graduated from SSU, George! Now what are you going to do?"

George in his brand-new bowling shirt, saying goodbye to Gabriel and Jen "I'm going bowling!" Love his adult clothes. Very compatible with his Hall of Famer LTW, too. (Somehow it looks like he's about to grab Jen and kiss her goodbye, but really it's all just innocent waving.)

George waving goodbye to SSU from the taxi Back to the neighborhood. The traditional shot.

All by itself at the end of the ridge road above Neighborhood One stands an old hovel, long abandoned and recently fixed up (a bit) by an upstart realty company.

A house at the end of a road All by itself. That's the realtor's pickup; she's inside scrubbing some of the mold off the walls.

Admittedly, it has a great view.

Neighborhood One as seen from up on the ridge At least on clear days. Lookit all the plumb-bobs! The Neighborhood's been growing.

Just out of SSU, with no family or other connections beyond dorm-mates and people he met in his teenage cashiering years, and with minimal savings, George figured it'd be a frugal first house.

George approaching the hovel Just until the money starts rolling in. George is Fortune.

George looking off into the misty blue horizon The view was somewhat disappointing. Darn lying Real Estate brochure! Turns out there ARE no clear days up here on the ridge...

And the interior left a bit to be desired.

George inside the hovel "Hm, filthy refrigerator, plants growing out of the walls..." (The latter because I accidentally put a tree too close to the house; I really like the effect, though!)

But it's just temporary, George is sure...

As it turned out, the ridge road isn't all that far from town, and George had more guests than he'd expected.

George and friends; they don't seem to mind the hovelness An afternoon party. That's Sheila, of course, and I think Toby somebody from college, and Madeleine Phillips the neighborhood Diva talking about some great date.

Allegra and Martin approach the hovel, both thinking about college honors The Welcome Wagon. Guess who's a Knowledge Sim!

George and Madeleine hugging in front of the hovel George particularly enjoyed Madeleine's company. George had quite a high relationship with Madeleine for no reason that I'm aware of; maybe he just randomly came that way, or maybe she was a customer in his teen years.

It sure looks romantic to me! A fond farewall. Another of those scenic but innocent kisses that people with lightning-bolts for each other do on parting, that don't count as romantic despite how much fun they look.

One reason for all the socializing was that it took him several days to find a job that would advance him in his desired career (bowling coach, of course).

George at the keyboard job-hunting; Sheila in her undies eating pancakes He did finally succeed.

Yet another party Yet another party. Townies, dormies, everybody! That's good old voluptuous Jane Stacks rocking out stage right.

George and Sheila making out on the hovel-bed And there was always Sheila.

George and Sheila dreaming between the sheets He loved their dates, and she liked having an off-campus lover. He tries not to think about what she might be doing back at her dorm.

More random snapshots from life.

Carla does like what she sees George at play: The Crypt o' Night Club. Carla (who the attentive reader may recall from Castor Nova's story) approves of George. George has not yet taken active advantage of the fact.

George in a snazzy uniform getting into a snazzy car George at work: Assistant Coach of the Bowling Team. Man, college graduates have it SO easy!

One day Madeleine Phillips stopped by.

"Can I hang around here for awhile, George? I need a nice quiet place to, um, meet someone."

George gives Madeleine the traditional moving-in hug "Sure, stay as long as you want!" Woo! The Diva has a bit over 70,000 Simoleans to her name. The Hovel is (temporarily) rich. And Madeleine has her plumb-bob.

Madeleine went right to the phone.

Madeleine on the phone to Komei (Mr. Big) Turner Calling Mr. Big. The Gods smiled on my plot here: in fact Mr. Big called her about ten seconds after she moved in, so I could get this image.

A little while later, a slickly-dressed character showed up, and began primping out by the curb.

The Diva admires Mr. Big's primping.  No accounting for taste. "What a man!" The attentive reader will also recall from previous episodes that these two have a history, even as noncontrollables.

Madeleine's wealthy grouchy heart was all aflutter. She knew he was interested, that they were as compatible as could be (three bolts for each other, in fact!), but still; it was utterly unlike, say, buying a pair of shoes.

"Komei, darling, would you consider..."


"You know 107 Custer Boulevard?"

"Oh, yes, lovely place. I hear it's on the market."

"I put in an offer on it this morning --"

"Ooh, congratulations!"

"-- and I thought, it's awfully large, and maybe if you're as tired of the hotel as I am..."

Madeleine gives Komei the moving-in hug "Why, it would be an honor, my dear!" Komei brings in exactly as much as Madeleine did; the Hovel is now worth over 140K. But not for long...

Madeleine and Komei were grateful for George's hosting of their happy union, but they didn't plan to leave him all their lovely assets when they headed back Downtown together.

The hovel's back yard full of grey statues So we did a bit of object-shuffling. One of the nicest things about Inventories is that you can transfer wealth around with them. So at 6K per statue, 22 statues just about does the trick. Onto the back lawn, and then into Madeleine and Komei's pockets. (The hot-tub was dropped off sometime earlier by Sheila after a Dream Date; as we've noted before she must have rich parents.)

Madeleine at the computer, George in his undies telling a joke about dresses Madeleine schedules the closing on the new house. And George tells a questionable joke.

And the new couple were off.

Madeleine and Komei head for the taxi "Glad you could stop by!" They left George about 10,000 Simoleans worth of roundoff error; I wouldn't mind having obscenely wealthy friends like that myself.

On the way to the closing, Madeleine and Komei stopped in the park for a toast.

Madeleine and Komei toast in a vacant lot full of statues "To us and our good fortune." This is the Downtown equivalent of the Bus Stop. They pulled all of those statues out of their pockets and sold them to a passing collector.

Madeleine and Komei with the revolving hearts of Love So this is love. They started out with a heavy crush, and they've been working up to this all day. Aren't they cute?

The closing was uneventful (involving just half a dozen mouse clicks), and the couple immediately took possession.

Madeleine and Komei at the new house; nice! 107 Custer Boulevard A nicely-designed standard Maxis Downtown lot. And they have lots of cash left to gussy it up.

New house interior, with Thinking Cap Nice interior. Needs some wallpaper and carpets, a little art... And they both have career-based LTWs, so they're going to need lots of them Thinking Caps.

Cuddling on the new bed in the new house; aww! "I think we're going to be very happy here."


Considerably more than that has happened, but that's enough posting for one night...