The Townie Project Parts 40-46: Someone for Mitch

Mitch Lawson (Captain Fireman) is a Family Sim. He loves his four daughters very much, but he's recently reconciled himself to the fact that their mother is never going to settle down and be his life's companion.

(In fact he fell out of love with Sally the other day on a downtown lot, when he and Sally and a few of her other lovers were all hanging autonomously about, and Sally flirted with one of them right out in public. Lots of slapping ensued!)

Although he gets along well enough with his female housemates, they're no more than friends. Even though Christy Stratton (yet another of Sally's lovers) is also Family and you'd think they'd be compatible, there's just never been a spark.

Mitch, siting with Christy on the front porch bench in their jammies, watches the grocery delivery girl Despite a certain amount of amicable porch-sitting and all. Neither Christy nor the delivery girl there seem to interest him romantically.

Then the other day Ally Pedersen from downtown called up out of the blue and asked him on a date. (I can't recall how they met in the first place; it may have been autonomously on that same community lot. His daily with her was up in the sixties somewhere when she called.)

"Well, I don't know Ally. I mean I'd love to but -- oh sure, what the heck! But you don't mind -- I mean -- you know I have a fami -- my daughters...?"

"Oh sure, Mitch, everyone knows about that!"

"They do?"

"Yeah, you're like one of the Founding Fathers of the neighborhood!"

"Um, wow, okay. Can we meet downtown? I don't want to upset the twins."

Ally talks about jealousy. "Yeah, people can be so jealous..." The twins would probably have objected because their mother Sally's still in love with Mitch. Very similar to Joe's problem in our last update, in fact.

Ally thinks Mitch is hawt. Ally is very taken with Mitch. Studly superhero costume and all, narf narf narf!

And although it was odd being with a woman other than Sally, and he took things very slowly (no romantic interactions at all), by the end of the date he and Ally were Best Friends.

Mitch tickles Ally by the photo booth, and they become Best Friends. Coochy coochy! On the other hand as soon as the date ended they had mutual crushes; maybe just going on a date counts as a romantic interaction, or something.

Not long after, Mitch called Ally and invited her downtown.

Mitch and Ally kiss next to Casa Townie's minivan This time, he didn't move so slowly. Right out there on the sidewalk and everything.

Mitch holds a bunch of picture-booth pictures that involve kissing A racier set of snapshots. I do like Ally's outfit.

Mitch and Ally make out (by the picture booth) Mitch is inspired. The date went very well.

Ally joins Mitch in the booth Back to the photo booth. But not for pictures this time.

Mitch and Ally emerge from the booth to the cheers of the crowd The mysterious noises from inside attracted a small crowd. Ally's overheated, Mitch is in love.

When the happy couple emerged temporarily sated from the booth, I noticed that once again both Mr. Big and The Diva were on the lot. Continuing our previous theme, Mitch pointed them out to each other.

Mr. Big and The Diva make out (by the picture booth) With immediate results.

For most of the rest of Mitch's visit to the lot, the two were all over each other.

Mr. Big and The Diva smooch by the pool table Although I haven't noticed red floating hearts yet. Mitch and Ally dancing innocently in the background.

Too bad there isn't an "Influence to... woohoo..." verb. *8)

The date with Ally was going marvelously. A wild notion came into Mitch's head, and before he could have any sane second thoughts, he acted.

Mitch proposes "Ally, I know this is sudden, but will you..." Hey, he spun up the Want, and I thought why not? In retrospect it was probably sort of risky, but...

Ally accepts "Oh, Mitch!" "Me, Mrs. Captain Fireman!"

Mitch and Ally are engaged Engaged I like this picture for the comical Smustling going on in the background.

The onlookers were impressed.

Mr. Big and The Diva comically discuss jewelery "Did you see the size of that rock?" I don't suppose there's an "Influence to... propose... engagement" verb, for that matter?

Now of course, as we noted above, Mitch and Ally have the same problem that Joe and Mackenzie did in a previous episode: Sally still loves Mitch, so Sally's relatives (including Mitch's daughters) will be enraged if they see Mitch being romantic with his new love.

Fortunately, on their next date, Sally herself happened to walk past at an opportune moment.

Sally Raptor falls out of love with Mitch (and gets 1000 points) Booooiiiinnggg! Why do my Romance sims get aspiration points when they catch someone cheating? I don't get it. (Oh, wait! Ha ha ha. I'll bet Sally had a "meet someone new" want, and her instant intense dislike for Ally satisfied it. That's funny!)

Sally confronts Mitch (by yet another photo booth) Sally confronts Mitch.

"How dare you!"

"Oh come on, Sally, get a grip. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander, ya know?"

Sally went away furious, but no longer jealous.

Twilight in the park "So how's work?" Talking calmly to Ben while Mitch and Ally kiss in the background.

Mitch apologies to Sally; Ally goes over to talk to Sandy Bruty "Forgive me for upsetting you! But you see how it is." This odd elder lady is scaring me here. *8)

So that, I hope, took care of that.

Mitch drove Ally back to the Casa (or maybe this was their next date; I don't actually remember).

Mitch serenades Ally in the Casa Townie upstairs gallery "Kisses sweeter than wine!" This was autonomous; I hardly ever tell Sims to do the Serenade thing, because it's so embarassing.

Mitch (now in his PJs) romances Ally on his bed Now that's more like it. But shouldn't she take off her hat?

Later, with Mitch peacefully snoring away, Miss Pedersen went out and played some contemplative chess on the front porch.

Ally plays chess in the twilight in her undies her undies. "Mrs. Ally Lawson" "Mrs. Mitch Lawson" "Mrs. Captain Fireman"...

She eventually left, and came back later to leave the inevitable bouquet of roses.

So Mitch is nicely established with Ally (although we can't move her in until the twins go off to college or something, because the Casa is full), but we can hardly leave him and the mother of his children at odds. So Sally invited him over to talk.

Sally, in her bikini, apologizes to Mitch "I just lost my head." Or other cliches to that effect.

And after a nice long soak in the tub...

Sally and Mitch exchange a friendly hug by the hot tub Friends again. She's still furious at him, but they're friends anyway.

So Casa Townie is all paired up (Joe and Mackenzie, Arcadia and Melissa, Mitch and Ally, Rose and Aaron, Dawn and various), except for Christy Stratton. Hm, maybe we should actually try out the Gypsy Matchmaker sometime...