Mr. Big and The Diva Redux

As we saw earlier, Mr. Big and The Diva in Neighborhood One's Downtown seem to be quite taken with each other. The other night their relationship went to the next level.

At the local gambling den, Dawson Day (who's now living downtown, in fact, although I haven't posted any pictures about that yet) ran into The Diva, and had the usual sort of unrewarding conversation with her.

A bad conversation "Ewww, no, the Peace Movement is so plebian." She's so disagreeable.

Noticing that Mr. Big was also hanging around the joint, I had Dawson suggest to him that he flirt with the daunting Diva. I figured it would be good for a laugh either way!

A little flirtation It went quite well. A nice little Sweet Talk (or is that Suggestion?). Dawson seems pleased with the result.

More than well, in fact.

A large flirtation Autonomous non-influenced flirting ensued. Whoa, a successful Goose; they must have a pretty high relationship! The look on Dawson's face suggests that he thinks they've gone too far.

Dawson lost interest and moved off to look for a friendlier conversation, but our celebrities remained mutually fascinated.

Yet more flirting; sheesh! A little caress. I don't remember the name of the downtownie Dawson's talking to now, but I have to admit that I like her dress.

As Dawson made conversation by the card table, Mr. Big and The Diva began to emit floating hearts.

Crushes "It's just a crush I'm feelin'" For now, anyway. It'd be fun to get two non-playables to fall all the way in love!

Here Mr. Big made his one mistake of the night.

Another bad conversation "Do you have any idea how much butterfat there is in that?" Should have stuck to the flirting, Big.

But they quickly patched it up.

The celebs gossip about poor Dawson Gossiping about Dawson, yet. The ingrates! I don't remember what they were actually saying about him, if anything.

It wasn't a very good night for Dawson.

This woman finds Dawson repulsive Struck out again. Poor guy! He looks so sad. He's still working on his Fifty Dream Dates LTW with Gina Raptor, but I figure he'll need someone else eventually; Gina's not the lifetime-relationship type. (Note Big charming The Diva behind the lamp there.)

But I enjoyed it. Maybe I'll eventually get the celebrities to fall in love...