The Lights Are Much Brighter There 1/4: Suzette Goes Downtown

Although Suzette was the first to have a car, it took me awhile after installing a Downtown to think of sending her there in it. But eventually I did.

She spent most of the day at the park.

Suzette talking to a dude in shades, at the park A good place to meet new people. And talk about space suits!

Among the bustling crowds, she spotted Gina Raptor, a fellow member of the Romance community with whom she'd recently made friends.

Suzette propositions Gina She suggested a date, and Gina was more than willing. In fact Gina's showed up, in those sprayed-on shorts, just about every time I've taken anyone downtown.

The date went quite well, but Gina suddenly had to leave.

Suzette and Gina slowdancing in the throng Dancing in the park. I made the mistake of having Suzette invite Gina back to her place. Gina turned her down, which instantly ended the date. But it was Great anyway.

Suzette talking to a dark-haired woman about handcuffs After Gina left, Suzette met two or three more Downtownies. And talked about handcuffs.

But then, out of the corner of her eye...

2/4: Chemistry

Through the milling throng, Suzette spotted a rude young woman with lank red hair, wearing a dirty T-shirt, pajama bottoms, and bedroom slippers.

Scoping the Park, Suzette notices Chris' unkempt hotness Naturally, she was entranced! Two lightningbolts worth, in fact.

She immediately went over and started a conversation. The vision's name was Chris, and the attraction was clearly mutual.