The Lights Are Much Brighter There 1/4: Suzette Goes Downtown

Although Suzette was the first to have a car, it took me awhile after installing a Downtown to think of sending her there in it. But eventually I did.

She spent most of the day at the park.

Suzette talking to a dude in shades, at the park A good place to meet new people. And talk about space suits!

Among the bustling crowds, she spotted Gina Raptor, a fellow member of the Romance community with whom she'd recently made friends.

Suzette propositions Gina She suggested a date, and Gina was more than willing. In fact Gina's showed up, in those sprayed-on shorts, just about every time I've taken anyone downtown.

The date went quite well, but Gina suddenly had to leave.

Suzette and Gina slowdancing in the throng Dancing in the park. I made the mistake of having Suzette invite Gina back to her place. Gina turned her down, which instantly ended the date. But it was Great anyway.

Suzette talking to a dark-haired woman about handcuffs After Gina left, Suzette met two or three more Downtownies. And talked about handcuffs.

But then, out of the corner of her eye...

2/4: Chemistry

Through the milling throng, Suzette spotted a rude young woman with lank red hair, wearing a dirty T-shirt, pajama bottoms, and bedroom slippers.

Scoping the Park, Suzette notices Chris' unkempt hotness Naturally, she was entranced! Two lightningbolts worth, in fact.

She immediately went over and started a conversation. The vision's name was Chris, and the attraction was clearly mutual.

Chris admires Suzette's blondeness Chris likes blondes. She also enjoys burping, and... that other similar thing.

Suzette and Chris slowdancing in the throng Their first date. Ah, she's Romance also; that probably explains some of the chemistry. Their relationship scores were rapidly heading for the stratosphere; Suzette's needs were already green from the date with Gina, and with all the dating Wants she was also in high platinum. A Good Time indeed. (Visible in the background of various of these shots: Ben Long Langerak, Jane and Georgia Danvers, Jan Telleman, Ivy Copur, and a cast of thousands.)

Chris flops amusingly into the pool A dip in the pool. Mostly to spin Chris' Wants, which had gotten stuck on some silly things, back toward romance. It worked. (And it made for a funny picture!)

By evening, they were Best Friends.

Suzette and Chris become best friends by the pool, in each other's arms At the very least. It was yet another Dream Date. (And on their very first acquaintance, too; sheesh!)

And the next day...

3/4: Denoument

In Suzette's front yard the next morning:

Chris and Gina simultaneously delivering flowers and thinking of Suzette Two of Suzette's admirers. Good thing flower-deliverers don't really notice each other, eh?

Later, Suzette called Chris and invited her over.

Chris and Gina, between the sheets With the obvious results. Slowly but surely heading for that Woohoo 20 LTW. Chemistry sure speeds up the process!

Suzette the exorcist thinking about Chris Thinking of her new friend. On the way to work; exorcist hours are tough.

(And just to remind ourselves that Suzette isn't a strict gynophile...

Suzette and some male prof flirting in the kitchen Buttering up the Professor. Not one of the ones she knew in college; Professor N here tagged along with some other visitor once.

I never did post the story about that time Suzette tried to keep one of her old college professors around all day, did I? I should; it was kind of fun.)

4/4: Addendum with Diva and Big

While Suzette was exploring the park, I noticed two striking-looking folks in the throng.

The Diva swoons over Mr. Big. And they seemed quite taken with each other. That's The Diva swooning over Mr. Big, isn't it? And Georgia Danvers chatting with him.

Mr. Big swoons over the Diva. More floaty hearts. They were chatting, admiring each other, and even exchanging friendly hugs. Are Big and the Diva supposed to come pre-loaded liking each other, or was this just an amusing bit of luck?

After her date with Chris, Suzette introduced herself to both of them.

Suzette chats with Big Chatting up Mr. Big. While The Diva discusses the stars with someone who looks vaguely like, but isn't, Damion Cormier.

She and Mr. Big didn't really connect.

The Diva admires Suzette (or at least her swimsuit) The Diva, on the other hand... Well, she likes swimsuits; but there might be some future possibilities there. If someone moves The Diva in, does the game roll up another one?

So anyway that was interesting! I still haven't noticed any vampires, or the dreaded Crumplebottom, and amazingly no jealousy incidents occurred. When Gina called and invited Suzette downtown a couple of days later, on the other hand -- but that's another story. *8)