The Townie Project, Part 5 a last-minute substitution

The next Townie scheduled for the Project was Goopy Gilscarbo, but he pulled out at the last minute, citing undisclosed personal reasons (we suspect that although he has presented himself as a doctor in the neighborhood, he's really a second assistant pill-stacker or something and he didn't want Sally to find out).

Over at the Danverses things were as wholesome and domestic as usual.

Jan or Jen kisses John after learning to do homework "Thanks for helping with my homework, grampa John!" Awww...

The first Sim on the waiting list was local repair-person Arcadia Bradshaw (no relation, we suspect, to Professor Arcadia Bradshaw of SSU), sponsored by John Danvers; so the house got briefly even more crowded than usual.

Arcadia moves in Welcome, Arcadia; here's your plumb-bob! Ms. Bradshaw is a Romance Sim who hopes to someday woohoo with twenty different lovers. (I decided on Arcadia rather than Goopy because (a) I thought it'd be interesting to have an elder in the Project, (b) I'd heard that Goopy might be Romance, and we've already got one of those, and (c) the Danverses could use the moving-in money. Given that Arcadia is Romance, and that being an NPC she of course didn't bring in any money, I missed on two out of three; oh, well!)

She used her time at the Danverses to meet some new people.

Arcadia talking to Sally Raptor "Oh yes, I'm very fond of NPCs!" "On the other hand there's already an Arcadia Bradshaw in my rolodex, and that could cause some confusion."

But inside the place was as chaotic as usual.

Random chaos at the Danverses A typical day at the Danverses Let's see: that's Jane in her nightgown playing pinball with Taylor who walked by, and Justin autonomously noogying some passing townie child (or is that Taylor's son Aaron?); Jean, John, Georgia, Jan, and Jen are doing complicated things elsewhere in the