The Townie Project, Part 6 the last of the Townies arrives

The last Townie to sign up for the Project was Remington London the pizza guy (also Sally Raptor's twentieth lover). Appropriately, he was brought in by Sally herself.

Remington moves in Welcome, Remington; here's your plumb bob. Remington, a Romance Sim (arg!), hopes someday to have twenty simultaneous lovers (arrrg!).

No longer employed as a pizza guy, he confessed to Sally an interest in the Slacker scene, and she gave him some email addresses.

Remington at the computer "Dear Bijou Theatre: I hear you might have an opening for..." It's not his LTW or anything (unfortunately), but he did spin up a minor "get a Slacker job" want, so here he is. He has good skills, like the other two service NPCs.

He had a brief but enjoyable stay at the Love Nest.

Remington and Sally happily in bed Since he's Romance, the Project's "no affectionate interactions with move-ins" rule doesn't apply.

And then it was time to go.

Remington getting into the ubiquitous taxi See you around! Although she's going to have to be careful visiting him at Casa Townie, since like five of the six adults there are in love with her.

Remington got to the Bus Stop just moments after Mitch (in lot-time), and the Project roster was complete.

The Bus Stop, full up So when's the bus due? Sheesh: two Family, one Fortune, and three Romance (and two babies). Well, it won't be dull...

Next time: Casa Townie!