The Townie Project, Parts 7-13 Moving Day

Shortly after everyone was at the bus stop, the notional bus arrived, and after a short trip south (have to post a neighborhood map someday, although it's a pretty boring and randomly-scattered map compared to some I've seen) the eight Project members were outside their New Home.

The Townies arrive Rather overwhelmed by the size of the place A nice facade, if I do say so myself. Melissa is discussing sex with Christy; Joe and Remington (who somehow got a baby foisted off onto him during the bus trip) are admiring Melissa; and Arcadia is saying cootchy cootchy to the baby that Mitch is holding.

The Project members got to choose rooms in their order of seniority in some vague ill-defined sense having to do with when I recall each one first interacting with a controllable. Christy Stratton, Sally's first love, went first.

Christy on the deck The ground-floor bedroom with the front balcony She seems pleased.

And then Mitch.

Mitch standing in a room The other ground-floor bedroom, next to the temporary nursery No furniture or fixtures to speak of yet. But a promising place to start a challenging life.

Melissa chose the big upstairs bedroom overlooking the street.

Melissa in a room "Hey, nice; would have been my first choice!" Good view, semi-private bath.

And Arcadia chose the one overlooking the back yard.

Arcadia, that's right, in a room Quiet and private. This puts the two female Romance sims in adjacent bedrooms. Hm...

Joe Carr and Remington London weren't too overjoyed at being stuck with the smaller second-floor bedrooms.

Joe Carr in a (small, wood-panelled) room