Sally Fulfilled The quest completed

The final segment of Sally's quest.

Sitting around the Love Nest one day, dreaming of achieving her lifetime's ambition and thinking about all the liquidity sitting in her bank account, it occurred to Sally that going to work, fun as it was, was sort of silly.

Sally calls work Calling work. (Full disclosure: this is stock footage of Sally on the phone; I didn't take a picture when she actually called work to quit.)

"Yeah, Chippie? Yeah, I'm dropping out of the scene for awhile; thought I should let you know."

"Hey, Sally, you know we can't hold your spot open. If you want to get on the schedule again you'll have to apply like any other newbie."

"Fine, Chippie, I can cope."

"'kay Sal, take care. If you ever want to drop by a gig off-book, you know you're always welcome. We can't pay you for that, of course."

"I'll be around."

That detail out of the way, Sally turned to her little black Rolodex. A million years ago, somewhere around the time Gina became a teenager, Sally had ordered a pizza, and chatted for awhile with the handsome pizza guy (a meeting that was apparently not recorded by the orbital surveillance satellites) and gotten his number. So she called him up, and not long after invited him for another little Party for Two.

Sally and the pizza man in the hot tub Such a nice place, the hot tub. The pizza guy's name is Remington London, which is confusingly like Remington the maid and Randy London the college graduate; so we just call him The Pizza Man.

Sally admires the pizza man "Such an admirable guy you are!"

Sally gets another Good Party memory "That went much better." After the disaster with Brandon, she'd been a little nervous, but the pizza man was very friendly.

She had him over again the next day.

Sally flirts with the pizza man Innocent flirtation And overexposed, beyond my ability to Photoshop.

And soon they were Best Friends.

Sally and the pizza man are best friends Dancing in the foyer. Or tickling, or something.

He fell in love with her that very day. She felt all mushy and amazing inside.

Remington the pizza man loves Sally Remington loves Sally. And who wouldn't?

Moments later, she was in love with him as well.

Sally loves Remington the pizza man Sally loves Remington. Number Twenty!

Sally is PermaPlatinum Happy Forever!! Man, this lifetime want is so much harder than the job-promotion ones.

So Sally is now happy for the rest of her life, the warm sweetness of those twenty loves wrapped permanently around her heart.

Sally smiling on the swings Whee!
Sally Fulfilled Aftermath

As well as playing on the swings, Sally celebrated by doing some shopping.

Sally in her new T-shirt A new T-shirt Made by me personally in Body Shop (I'm so proud), based on some classic pin-up image snarfed from the Web. A little mesh-distortion around the (um) birdcage, but not awful.

Readers may recall that after Gina Raptor made her first Lifetime Want, the mysterious Dawson Day walked up to her door and rang her bell. Frighteningly, shortly after Sally made her first Lifetime Want, a different college student that she'd never seen before walked up to her door and rang her bell.

Sally and Camryn It's Camryn McGaw! Currently the girlfriend of Hermes Zoom, Camryn was mysteriously waiting in the hot tub to greet him when he arrived at college. Cue Twilight Zone music! (She and Sally are good friends now; Sally has this very persistent Want to fall in love with Camryn, but so far I'm resisting for Hermes' sake; we'll see what Camryn's Aspiration is when we eventually move her into the Bright house.)

Lounging around the house enjoying the perpetual glow of happiness, Sally did eventually ask herself "what next?". She realized, eventually, that somewhere under the pervasive joy she did sort of miss The Scene. Chippie didn't have a slot on the party-guest circuit, but the Bijou did need a projectionist...

Sally goes back to work Back to work!

And of course she continued maintaining her precious relationships.

Brandon loves Sally again Love again Another great 'looking into the camera' shot.

Even PermaPlatinum, one needs Aspiration Points.

Sally gets fifteen thousand points Fifteen thousand points for making out with twenty different Sims. Nice that it was Brandon.

Sally gets another fifteen thousand points Fifteen thousand points for woohooing with twenty different Sims. And Professor Arcadia. (Some large number of these points were probably lost because I didn't realize that it's impossible to have more than ten times two to the fifteenth minus one aspiration points and Sally was maxed at the time, arg! But the important thing is that she enjoyed it.)

She slipped effortlessly back into The Scene, and before long was again a leading Professional Party Guest.

Sally gets twenty-five thousand points Another lifetime want! I have to brag here: the reason she quit her job just before getting her first LTW is that I thought to myself 'hm, if she's unemployed when she gets her first LTW, she might roll up Professional Party Guest as her next one, and that'd be easy to get!'. And lo (or lol) that's just how it turned out...

So there we are: Sally Raptor, one of my first Sims and probably my favorite, finally achieves her first lifetime want (and her second one). Next she wants to be a Celebrity Chef, but a few other things have come up that may delay that awhile... *8)