Sally and Brandon Another little misunderstanding

A brief setback in Sally's quest, with 'way too many pictures.

One day at the Love Nest while Sally was renewing her relationship with the father of her children...

Brandon Lillard catches Sally in the hot tub with Mitch Caught again.

Mitch retired inside, and Sally invited Brandon into the tub for a talk.

Brandon Lillard and Sally talk about love Talking about love in the twilight.

An egregious picture of Eleanor admiring Sally's ability to handle her lovelife.

Eleanor thinking of Sally "That's my Mom." Mitch has gotten back into the tub, Brandon got out (are Sims unwilling to stay in tubs with Sims they don't like?), and Sally's getting out to follow him and work on repairing the relationship some more. Eleanor's just enjoying the chaos.

When everyone had gone home, Sally thought about Brandon, and how to make him feel better.

Sally thinks about a party "Maybe a little Party for Two..."

The next day she put out a spread, and invited him over. Things started out pretty well.

Sally has a party for Brandon Talking about friendship

Sally even got out the Shades, which she doesn't usually have to use.

Sally wearing the Cool Shades Ta da! I like them because they look so silly. (The Cool Shades are an aspiration reward that make the next social interaction have extra relationship impact; unfortunately this cuts both ways!)

But things went wrong. Brandon was for some reason disgusted by Sally's Shade-enhanced Bust-a-Move, and Sally's attempts at conversation went badly.

Sally and Brandon not getting along "La la la la la! I can't hear you!" Brandon does not want to talk about soup.

In the end, the "party" was a disaster.

Sally gets a Bad Party memory Ouch

Sally cries about the bad party Poor Sally

The next day she invited him over again, just informally; amazingly enough, he accepted.

Sally and Brandon holding hands This visit went better. No party-related stress.

Brandon has a crush on Sally Much better. Brandon is once again in the Crush state; whew! (As we noted the other day this doesn't actually matter for the Lifetime Want, but Sally cares about it.)

Brandon and Sally kiss goodbye Much much better. They kissed goodbye when he left.

So things are happy again, Sally is all ready to get that twentieth love and go platinum, and she's seriously considering enclosing the hot-tub...