Sally has nineteen loves The quest nears an end!

Continuing the ongoing story of Sally Raptor's quest to fulfill her lifetime ambition by being in love with twenty people at once. (Note that the events depicted here take place before those in The Townie Project, because I'm disorganized.)

As we've mentioned before, Sally's younger daughter Gina has introduced her to lots of interesting people.

"Who is that lovely creature in your hot tub?"

"Oh, that's Arcadia Bradshaw; she's a General Studies professor at SSU. One of my favorites."

"She can study me anytime! You've got to introduce us."

Sally meets Professor Arcadia Bradshaw Sally meets Professor Arcadia The Prof was in fact Gina's very first woohooial partner; see Gina's College Years.

And not only professors: Gina also introduced Sally to a few random neighbors that she'd somehow overlooked.

Sally meets Brandon Lillard "Pleased to meet you! Nice sporran." Brandon Lillard, aka "that townie with the green kilt".

About this time, Sally decided to vary her outfit a bit. The hat is part of her essential self-definition, but she experimented with other parts of the outfit.

Sally in a shear top, with an armband-tattoo "Hm, maybe a little slutty." But she liked the skirt.

Sally in a halter and skirt, dancing with Brandon Brandon comes to visit. She settled on this halter for awhile.

Soon love was in the air yet again.

Sally in love with Professor Arcadia Sally loves Arcadia. And vice-versa.

Sally in love with Brandon Lillard Sally loves Brandon. Number Seventeen!

Sally met Dorian Kauker, one of the local police officers, all on her own (I forget exactly how).

Sally talking to Officer Dorian "And sometimes we get to drive real fast; vroom -- screeeeeech!!"

Sally kissing Officer Dorian's arm Who can resist a man in uniform?

And the inevitable quickly followed.

Sally in love with Officer Dorian Sally loves Dorian. Eighteen! (Whatsername the mail lady over there often makes annoyed faces when she goes by and Sally's out front sparking. Maybe she's just envious. Jane, on the other hand, is unruffled. The preternaturally observant will note that Sally's changed outfits again.)

Amidst all these new loves, Sally didn't neglect her old ones. Here's a rare cutaway aerial shot of a Raptor family get-together.

Sally and Mitch and their daughters One medium-sized happy family. That's Gina on piano, Eleanor on guitar, and Sally (in her nice backless formal gown) and Mitch (fully equipped as usual) making out on Sally's bed.

Sally and Mitch sleeping, Sally with a Good Party memory dingus "Mm, that was a good party." Don't they look sated, though?

But back to the quest! Somewhere in there, Sally also met Jennifer (of Unsticking Jennifer), and they became friends.

Jennifer admires Sally Jennifer spontaneously admires Sally. She is pretty admirable, after all.

And, natch, somewhat more than friends.

Sally and Jennifer in love Sally and Jennifer in love. Only one more to go!

Whew! So we'll leave Sally for the moment, in love with nineteen people, poised on the brink of PermaPlatinum. If everything goes well...

(Like it ever doesn't in this neighborhood...)