Sally's Next Five Loves Paging Dr. Zeno

The next episode in our continuing story of Sally Raptor's quest for twenty loves. (Some pun on "score" would be appropriate here.)

Even before her daughter Eleanor moved out, Sally had greatly enjoyed entertaining her daughter Gina's college friends (see Gina's College Years).

Sally and Brittany Upsnott dancing Sally entertaining a Sim State student. I wonder if I've messed up whatever stories Maxis pre-built into the Greek houses at SSU by having their occupants fall in love with various people in my neighborhood before I ever even loaded up either of the Greek lots.

Being with (not to mention falling in love with) young people was vastly invigorating.

Sally and Brittany in love Love number eleven: Brittany Upsnott (Technically this snapshot shows Brittany falling in love with Sally, I suppose. The converse happened just moments before or after; the photographer was apparently careless.)

Once Eleanor left and Sally no longer had to worry about being scolded for not being faithful to Mitch the Fireman, Sally had even more time to spend with her very good young friends.

Sally and Brittany by the hot tub Out by the Hot Tub No excuse at all here; I just liked the thought balloons, and the directions of their gazes.

Gina introduced Sally to quite a number of her friends.

Sally and Beverly Wood Love number twelve: Beverly Wood Only one of her, sadly (see Too many Beverlys).

And when there was a conference in town, Gina invited over a couple of her favorite professors, and her Mom.

Sally and Gina and two professors Okay, everyone face in different directions! Not only is th