Sally's Next Five Loves Paging Dr. Zeno

The next episode in our continuing story of Sally Raptor's quest for twenty loves. (Some pun on "score" would be appropriate here.)

Even before her daughter Eleanor moved out, Sally had greatly enjoyed entertaining her daughter Gina's college friends (see Gina's College Years).

Sally and Brittany Upsnott dancing Sally entertaining a Sim State student. I wonder if I've messed up whatever stories Maxis pre-built into the Greek houses at SSU by having their occupants fall in love with various people in my neighborhood before I ever even loaded up either of the Greek lots.

Being with (not to mention falling in love with) young people was vastly invigorating.

Sally and Brittany in love Love number eleven: Brittany Upsnott (Technically this snapshot shows Brittany falling in love with Sally, I suppose. The converse happened just moments before or after; the photographer was apparently careless.)

Once Eleanor left and Sally no longer had to worry about being scolded for not being faithful to Mitch the Fireman, Sally had even more time to spend with her very good young friends.

Sally and Brittany by the hot tub Out by the Hot Tub No excuse at all here; I just liked the thought balloons, and the directions of their gazes.

Gina introduced Sally to quite a number of her friends.

Sally and Beverly Wood Love number twelve: Beverly Wood Only one of her, sadly (see Too many Beverlys).

And when there was a conference in town, Gina invited over a couple of her favorite professors, and her Mom.

Sally and Gina and two professors Okay, everyone face in different directions! Not only is this a lousy picture, but the little social event didn't go very well either. But at least it got the two profs into Sally's Rolodex.

Both of the professors were very impressed by Sally, and she with them.

Sally in love with Professor Marcel Love number thirteen: Professor Marcel Todd

Sally in love with Professor Nathen Love number fourteen: Professor Nathen Traver Fellow looks a bit stunned, doesn't he?

Sally suspects that at least one of them has a rather shallow interest in her, but she's tolerant.

Professor N thinks of Sally with a woohoo face Some people are just single-minded. Narf narf! This picture straight from the game, no Photoshopping except for contrast and resizing, I swear.

Not all can be wine and roses, though. One day while Sally was cuddling with her old friend Andrea in the hot tub, Christy Stratton (Sally's second love) walked by and had a bit of a fit.

Christy crying Poor Christy! This is actually the second time she's caught Sally in the hot tub with someone. But she's very forgiving.

Sally quickly said goodbye to Andrea, and invited Christy into the tub for a talk.

Christy talks to Sally about having two lovers at once "I know you don't do monogamy, Sally, but..."

The next day Christy came over and apologized for losing her head.

Christy apologizes to Sally Sally is equally forgiving. Note: Sally does not approve of the way her face looks in this picture.

And soon all was love again.

Christy loves Sally again She can't help herself. I thought it was very appropriate that it happened while Sally was talking about love to someone else. (That's Candice, of course, who is currently safe from Sally because of Taylor.) The little daughter points out that for LTW purposes it doesn't actually matter if any of The Twenty fall out of love with Sally as long as Sally stays in love with them, but I think it'd be out of character for her not to try to patch things up.

And then one day Sally was in the local park ("The Other Place", the slightly less popular commercial lot in Neighborhood One), and met an attractive (if somewhat willful) young bartender named Joanne.

Sally arguing with Joanne Sally does not want to talk about whatever it is! Joanne and Sally are arguing in the background; that's Jan Danvers on the bubble pipe in the foreground, as mentioned elsewhere.

She invited Joanne over to apologize for having been so argumentative at the park, and they had a pleasant afternoon and evening in the tub.

Sally and Joanne in the tub Sally evangelizing her Aspiration. "Having ten lovers at once is wonderful!"

And before many more days had passed:

Sally and Joanne in love Love number fifteen: Joanne Kim Joanne is another one of those interesting Sims that can walk onto lots ungreeted. The other day Sally spent a good half-hour waiting on her front steps for Joanne to show up, only to find that she'd gone straight into the hot tub. (While we're here, notice the greatly improved front steps on the Love Nest; Sally's been putting her small fortune to use around the place.)

Only five more to go!