Jan and Jen Danvers Into Childhood

Lots of random Danvers family snapshots, with no notable or unusual events of any kind!

Jane and some twin become Best Friends The twins Jan and Jen had a nice idyllic suburban toddlerhood. If they all hated each other or whatever it'd make a more interesting story, but it wouldn't be in character.

They eagerly investigated the world around them.

Jan or Jen examines the toilet "What's in here?" In virtually none of these pictures do I know which twin is which.

And together entered into the world of culture.

The twins discuss music "Now Dark Side of the Moon; that's real music!" See also Socializing Baby Danverses.

The extended family taught them all the necessary life skills.

Jean teaches one of her granddaughters to walk Whee! Jean teaches her granddaughter to walk. (I really ought to let Jean Danvers age to Elder to match John; but she's just so cute as an adult.)

Including friendship.

John is best friends with one of his granddaughters Awww... John Danvers best friends with his granddaughter. ("Best Friends" is actually sort of an odd word for this kind of relationship.)

Although Justin was a busy teenager, he also made time now and then to play with his tiny sisters.

Justin Danvers running with a twin in his arms Whee some more! The advantages of having a teenage brother. I'm impressed that the game even has a "run while carrying a toddler" animation.

The stay-at-home Family sims, John and his daughter Jane, were the twins' primary caregivers.