Socializing baby Danverses

I tried the Socializing Babies trick with the Danvers twins, and it worked just great!

Jan and Jen discuss mathematics "Hey Jan, what's the formula for laminar flow over a boat keel, again?" They could both talk at this point, but neither could walk; their Grampa John got the toys out for them.

(In the same session of playing the Danvers lot, Georgia brought home Eleanor Raptor from work, Eleanor got all upset when John and Jean kissed ("How dare you cheat on me with your wife!!") and I think Eleanor and John are finally out of love (it cost Eleanor 3500 aspiration points, but she can afford it), and Justin grew into a teenager, and Jan and Jen both learned to walk (Jane had to use the Energizer after that), and I finally got everyone's aspirations platinum (thanks partly to Justin getting his first scholarship) so I could contentedly save, and I was strongly reminded why I'm always slightly reluctant to go in there. Twins, not to mention seven-person lots, are so much work! Jean still hasn't found an opening in the Criminal track; maybe next time.)