Eleanor the Tycoon Endings and Beginnings

Meanwhile, over at the Raptors, Eleanor has gone into the business world.

Finally, off to work Finally, off to work. Both because it didn't seem fair for her to sponge off her Mom forever, and because it'd make it easier for Sally to have very good friends over without risking tantrums from her daughter.

She did startlingly well at her career (we suspect her of romancing her way up the ladder, but we can't prove it).

Eleanor is making money We're in the money. I'm not sure which memory-record this is; maybe the five-thousand simolean one?

She also developed an interest in local shorts-wearer Kennedy Cox.

Eleanor and Kennedy, post-smooching The memory of a kiss. Long-time Eleanor fans will remember that the picture of her in the background there was painted by Kaylynn, a few lovers ago.

Brandi had been enjoying being Eleanor's live-in squeeze, but practical Knowledge Sim that she was, she felt that that time was ending.

A good-bye kiss A good-bye kiss. Right next to the ol' pinball machine.

She called up some old minions on the phone (she'd long since given up her criminal career for medicine, but she'd kept her Rolodex), made some arrangements, and she was off.

Brandi takes the taxi Eleanor's seen quite a few good-byes. Brandi is off, of course, to start the saga of Rooms To Let.

Eleanor continued courting Kennedy.

Eleanor, Kennedy, Sally, Goopy, and Jane; quite a crowd! Quite a crowd! Sally's taking Goopy Gilscarbo upstairs for some friendly recreation, and Eleanor's courting Kennedy. It took me quite awhile to figure out why Jane Danvers was crying in the background; I eventually realized that since her father John once had an affair with Eleanor, Jane considers Eleanor to be cheating on John here. Which is Very Silly! After all, if she'd seen Eleanor kissing John, she would have cried because John was cheating on Jean (her mom). These Sims...

Eventually she asked him to move in, and he instantly accepted.

The traditional moving-in hug The traditional moving-in hug.

Turns out that he's a high-roller in the business world also! Soon they were both off to work in that darn noisy helicopter.

Two tycoons Two Tycoons Although Kennedy's Lifetime Want is to be Chief of Staff at the hospital, so what he was doing running major corporations and leveraged buyouts and stuff, I dunno.

As always, business had its ups and downs.

Eleanor demoted A very bad day at the office. Eleanor was demoted due to my guessing wrong on a Chance card. Although Georgia (who came home with Eleanor that day) seems to be taking great pleasure in it, the two are in fact great friends, as casually mentioned elsewhere. The demotion wasn't really serious; Eleanor was back to Tycoon in a day or two.

Promotions came quickly for both Kennedy and Eleanor. One day at lunch, they got into a serious discussion about careers and lives and so on.

Eleanor and Kennedy discuss life "Are we going to live with your mom forever?" Mmmm, grilled cheese!

Eleanor surprised herself by agreeing to move out with Kennedy.

Eleanor kisses her Mom good-bye Kissing Mom good-bye Sally is, of course, in her underwear.

Leaving the only home she's ever known.

Eleanor and Kennedy head for the taxi Headed for the taxi. Odd not to be the one left standing on the curb.

So Eleanor and Kennedy are off to greener pastures.

Eleanor and Kennedy holding hands The greener pastures of the Bus Stop at the moment. I'm sure I'll get around to building them a house eventually; in the meantime at least people can call them up and invite them to parties.

And back at the Love Nest...

Sally and Brittany at the hot-tub

But that's another story. *8)