Kaylynn's Story The Beginning

(This story loads about 1.5MB of pictures; sorry if that strains anyone's bandwidth! The words all refer to the picture above them; in case it's not obvious. Guess where in the series I finally found the snapshot size and quality settings! This is a "day in the life" sort of story; it's what actually happened in my Sims game (modulo a little filling in of backstory), rather than something that I wrote and then used the game to stage. Just so you know not to raise the bar too high, heh heh.)

The Raptor place had been on Kaylynn's Magic Maids route for a long time.

She'd never had any illusions about the kind of place it was.

Although she found Sally's lifestyle terribly immoral, she got along with her and her equally loose daughters quite well.

At least when they were behaving themselves.

Eleanor was a particular favorite of hers. ("Well, the country-girl look is nice for the costume party, but it isn't really you.")

Even if she was a bit of a flirt.

"I really admire you in some ways, Eleanor. You don't take garbage from anyone. I wish I was like that."

"Yeah, she just up and quit this morning. The shift supervisor at Magic Maids was chewing her out about her soap-usage rate, and she threw a wet towel at him and walked out. It was fantastic! But I don't know what she's going to do now that she can't stay at the Magic Maid Dorm anymore..."

"I heard what happened; would you like to stay with us for awhile?"

"Really?! You're not kidding?! Just until I can find a place of my own."

Of course Eleanor is a Raptor ...

... and her motives aren't entirely pure.

Still, she encourages Kaylynn to go out and get some real clothes ("Mmm, hot guys".)

The guys weren't very interesting, but the clothes are perfect.

The time stretched out. "Just until I find a place of my own" became "Just until after Gina's birthday", and then "Just until I finish this portrait of Eleanor".

Kaylynn knew Eleanor wasn't likely to be the life's companion she was looking for. But she found her terribly attractive.

The day the portrait was finished, it all began to fall apart.

Sally, the amazingly well-preserved family matriarch and Eleanor's mom, was especially attentive to Kaylynn one morning in the living room. As Kaylynn found out later, Eleanor had asked Sally to keep Kaylynn occupied in the house while Eleanor entertained a "guest" out in the hot tub.

Chaos ensued outside, when Remington (Kaylynn's old friend from Magic Maids) came to clean at ten and found Eleanor making out in the hot tub with Brandi from across town. Eleanor had been carrying on simultaneous affairs with Kaylynn, Remington, and Brandi (at least!). Meanwhile, in the house, Kaylynn felt her own attraction for Sally reaching disturbing heights. It was all too much!

"I do love you all, but I think it's time I found a place of my own."

"I think you all know why."

Sally bids her adieu (or au revoir). Behind her on the wall is the portrait that she painted of Sally, peacefully sleeping.

"You'll call me, Kaylynn, when you're settled?"

"Yeah, I'm sure I will." Kaylynn sighs.

And then she's gone.

The new place. Small, but perfect.

"Gina, I'm so glad you came to visit! How's Eleanor -- I mean, how's the rest of the family?"

"Hey, nice to see everyone!"

Unfortunately, the welcoming party devolved into a shouting match. Jean Danvers' mechanical hand roused Joe Carr's fierce anti-cyborg sentiments, and the party broke up; but not before Kaylynn made friends with John Danvers from across the street. A nice guy, but (sigh) happily married.

Kaylynn eats alone. Being independent isn't easy. Maybe it's been long enough...

Eleanor is happy to come over, and Kaylynn is in her arms again. But is this what she wants out of life?

"I've got a job. It's not much, but it might be enough. If I can't find another adult to share my life, maybe I can just adopt. But can I raise a baby by myself?"

Promotion comes quickly; Kaylynn learned many things in her long service as a maid.

She's proud of her rapid rise, and tells Eleanor all about it. But someday will there be someone across the table who won't leave in the middle of the night?

Kaylynn wonders...

(Just to spoil the suspense, since that last scene there Kaylynn has become a world-famous (and rather wealthy) Celebrity Chef, married Benjamin Long, and had twins. So it's turned out pretty well so far. Not that she's escaped the Raptors entirely, but she doesn't seem to want to...)