Sally Raptor: Halfway Home a love story

As documented elsewhere, Sally Raptor was the second Sim that I created, and I made her Romance pretty much without knowing what I was getting into. Since she's just recently attained a significant milestone toward her life's ambition I thought this would be a good time for a bit of a retrospective on her life (and particularly on her loves).

She showed her Romance colors at once, by wanting to kiss and make out and fall in love and all like that there. The fact that her female neighbors were about eighty-leven times as attractive as her male neighbors (in my completely unbiased opinion) meant that she ended up with some very close lady friends to start with.

Sally loves Ivy. Sally's first love: Ivy Copur The adult Ivy Copur, of course; not the teenager by the same name.

Sally loves Christy. And her second love: Christy Stratton I hadn't discovered the snapshot size and quality settings yet, sadly; and it took me awhile to get in the habit of taking pictures with walls up and a little thought for composition.

Sally burned dinner badly enough to start a fire one night, and the fireman turned out to be a very nice man.

Sally loves Mitch. Third time lucky: Mitch Lawson Eleanor and Gina's father, eventually. (Eight thousand Aspiration points for that "Woohoo with three different Sims" want, I think.)

Andrea Hogan, another sweet local woman, completed the quadrumvirate that kept Sally happy for a nice long stretch of Sim time, as her daughters grew up and she reached the top of her profession.

Sally loves Andrea. Sally's fourth love: Andrea Hogan Andrea eventually fell in love with Sally's daughter Gina also; we like Andrea.

Time passed. Sally's daughter Eleanor fell in love with Kaylynn the maid, who moved in and then later moved out. Sally and Kaylynn were good friends while Kaylynn was living in the house; after she moved out she came back often to visit, and they became more than friends.