Candice and Taylor Back in the neighborhood

Candice got off the inbound SSU bus, and immediately called Taylor.

Candice on the phone at the Bus Stop "Honey, I'm home!" See, the taxi just takes recent college graduates to the bus station, and they take the bus back to the neighborhood. For narrative purposes, anyway.

He came right away.

Candice hugs Taylor at the Bus Stop Together at last ("Oh hi, mail person.") This is the usual Move In hug; Taylor's just left Rooms To Let, bringing around 9K simoleons with him. He and Candice are now a household, temporarily resident at the Bus Stop. But not for long!

They went across town, to see the lot that they'd picked out online.

Candice and Taylor admire their empty lot "It looks just like the picture on the Website!" Well, they have around 29K to spend, so let's start with a four-by-four lot.

Neighborhood One's Magical Building Faeries (LLC) got busily to work.

Candice and Taylor watch their house being built by invisible faeries Thank heaven for Magical Building Faeries Let's have a nice spacious house; they're used to Rooms To Let and to dorms with big common areas, after all.

In an eyeblink, the house was done.

Candice and Taylor admire the exterior of their new house "Don't we need some steps in front there?" Good point, just a sec. (I tried to use a bit of imagination on this house, but it came out very similar in general layout, if not in decor, to Gina's. I also overspent a bit on the building, but I think we can afford front steps.)

Taylor carries Candice in the general direction of the threshold "It's perfect!" That's just because you haven't seen the inside yet. But Taylor's got a good job, and you'll be able to afford nontrivial furniture and less ugly walls Real Soon Now.

Taylor and Candice embrace, seen artistically through the window The Next Day (I think) See! Not only a bed and a stove and a chair, but even some panelling and decent bedroom walls. What'd I tell you? Maybe tomorrow you'll be able to afford some art for the walls, and some side and back windows. And more interior lights. And...

So there's Taylor and Candice headed into the future. He's PermaPlatinum from 'way back (there are some pictures from Rooms To Let days that I should post sometime; that Ecological Guru thing is really funny!), and he has the skillz to get lucrative jobs (he's currently working on Mad Scientist I think it is, just because that's his second Lifetime Want). She has the Golden Anniversary LTW I think, which means that I'll probably get them legally married, have him drink enough elixir to roughly sync their ages, see if she wants to have a kid, and then let them age and have the anniversary party so she'll be platinum also.

Unless something entirely different happens! You never know...