One Less Hero

Neighborhood One is proud to announce its first Double PermaPlatinum Sim, Brandi "the Witch Queen" LeTourneau, and its third (or fourth, depending on how you count) PermaPlatinum Sim, Taylor "Moleman" Almassizadeh:

Two newly minted Criminal Masterminds; demand for minions is high! I was very pleased when the game managed two simultaneous Platinums emerging from the same car at once without crashing or anything...

Not long after, in the Rooms to Let common room...

A serious discussion. You'd think if there can be four different Celebrity Chef outfits there could be at least two for Criminal Mastermind...

Brandi: "So are you okay?"

Sandy: "Oh, you know. It's been hard."

Brandi: "I'm sorry. I didn't --"

S: "I mean, I've been passing up the law-enforcement missions, and taking just the humanitarian ones; saving remote villages from landslides, keeping Lima, Peru from sinking into a lake of boiling lava --"

Taylor: "That was completely an accident! The Molemobile just got out of control."

S: "I know. But I can't keep it up forever. The rest of Team Hero won't stand for it. And I can't fight you guys! And you know, it's not like I really care; that's the trouble. If one of you guys wants to blackmail the U.N. by threatening to turn all the world's gold reserves into worthless cardboard --"

T: "Cellophane, actually."

S: "Yeah, whatever, or if you want to use hypnotic laser satellites to convince world leaders to put your hand-picked minions into positions of authority, it's no skin off my nose, right?"

B: "You're sweet to say so."

S: "It's just how I feel. In fact, well..."

T: "What?"

S: "You know what I really want?"

B: "Tell us."

S: "It's silly. But what I really want is to like hang around at home all week, with you, Brandi [blush], and then on the weekend, at night, this big black limo would pull up, and I'd get in all dressed up, and the limo would take me out to these amazing parties..."

T: "Cool."

S: "I know, really dumb. Like anyone could make a living like that!"

B: "People do! Where do you think the Raptors get their money?"

S: "Hm. I'd assumed they were all just --"

B: "Well yeah, that too, but their only regular source of income before Eleanor went into the tycoon business was Sally's income as a Professional Party Guest."

S: "You're kidding!"

T: "No really, I heard the same thing. You could do it too, if you really wanted."

S: "I'd love it."

B: "Course you couldn't just pick up the phone and sign up. You'd have to spend time, meet the right people, work your way up the ladder."

S: "When do I start?"

T: "Well, the contacts you'll need aren't really in the criminal area..."

B: "Or in medicine. But I think we could at least get you started. Let me get you a couple of email addresses..."

"Dear CD Universe: I hear you might have an opening for a clerk..." Is it just me, or might there be a bit of self-congratulatory action going on between Taylor and Brandi there, at the thought that they've just reduced the size of Team Hero by one? Nah...

How will Sandy handle the transition from Wonder Girl to Slacker? And will she manage to keep her hands off of every breathing Sim in sight (at least while Brandi's looking)? Tune in at some future time for some more bits! *8)