The Townie Project Townie number three, and further developments

The Project's third move-in happened over at Rooms to Let, where Sandy Bruty (who was once a townie herself and can therefore sympathize) brought in Christy Stratton.

Christy moves in Welcome, Christy; here's your plumb bob! Christy Stratton, a Family sim, contributed fifteen thousand simoleons to Rooms to Let's already overflowing coffers. Currently working as a Security Guard, Christy hopes someday to have six grandchildren.

Christy was once a member of Team Hero, but not long ago she was taken prisoner during a battle with The Extractor. Her teammates rescued her, but not before the villain's fiendish devices had robbed her of her superpowers and nearly all of her skills.

The Team found her a low-level Law Enforcement job, but she had to give up her suite in Hero Orbital Headquarters. She was about to move into the drabness of Generic Townie Housing when she saw a notice about the Project on the bulletin board, and immediately called Sandy. Rooms to Let is the perfect hangout for someone badly in need of skilling, so Christy will probably be spending at least a few days there before getting on the bus.

Meanwhile over at the Love Nest, the Project has run into its first little snag.

Mitch rubs Sally's bulging tummy "Ooh, what a sexy little belly!" "Sweet talk will get you nowhere, buster. As soon as this bun is out of the oven, you and it are outta here!"

Sally's actually much softer-hearted than she talks. She's very fond of Mitch, and almost considered letting him stay around long-term. Short of that, though, she decided what with him being Family and all, a little bundle of joy to take with him to Casa Townie would be the perfect going-away present. The lucky kid will have a loving father, five assistant parents, and a notorious mom across town to visit if things get boring.

(I just hope it's not twins!)

(After an important diversion, the Project continues here.)