Rose and Dawn Sally and Mitch are parents again

As part of The Townie Project, Mitch Lawson the fireman moved in temporarily with Sally Raptor, on his way to Casa Townie.

Mitch moves in Mitch moves in. Mitch is the father of Sally's girls Eleanor and Gina; but they've never lived together before.

Sally's always been very fond of Mitch, and she prepared a little going-away present for him.

Mitch rubs Sally's belly Bun in the oven. Mitch is a Family Sim, but he didn't get to play much of a role in raising his first two children. So the prospect of taking a baby with him to raise at Casa Townie had great appeal.

It was an easy pregnancy, with lots of Domestic Bliss.

Domestic bliss Awww... The Slacker Career Reward is sort of silly; I mean, the flowers are pretty and all, but you can't smoke them!

Sally thought seriously about keeping Mitch around indefinitely; maybe even marrying him.

Sally musing in the bath Sally muses. Another art shot.

"He's so sweet. We could bring up the babies together. And there'd be someone waiting in bed when I get home at two am. Of course it'd always be the same person. So maybe not."

Events took their inevitable course.

Sally in labor "Miiiiiitccchh!" He was downstairs somewhere.

The father was not entirely sympathetic.

Mitch thinks Sally in labor is hot. "Ooh, baby, hot childbirth!" Sheesh.

But Sally didn't need his help.

Rose Raptor Welcome to the world, Rose! "Rose Raptor" has an certain ring to it, eh?

Mitch and Sally joyously admired their new child.

Mitch and Sally admire Rose. Proud parents.

But there was a complication...

Dawn Raptor Welcome to the world, Dawn! I shouldn't have said "I just hope it's not twins"...

Unnecessary funny picture of Mitch putting down Rose to admire Dawn:

Mitch sets Rose down at the top of the stairs "As a firefighter, I'm trained in home and personal safety. For instance, never put an infant down at the head of a staircase, like this." Fortunately the laws of Sim physics prevent any bad consequences.

Sally rented a couple of cribs and put them into Gina's old room downstairs.

Sally and Mitch put the kids to bed Nighty-night!


"Yeah, wow. Do you think you..."

"I'll be fine. We'll be fine."

"I could keep one here, um, for awhile if you -- I guess?"

"Thanks, Sally, but a deal's a deal. They'll have six loving parents."

"You think the other five might be sort of surprised?"

"We'll be fine."

So Mitch went online and made final arrangements.

Mitch about to leave the Love Nest Mitch leaving. I thought if Sally spun up any baby-related wants I'd have Mitch and the kids stay around until they went away. But she didn't.

And they were off.

Mitch getting into the taxi "You got two baby seats, right?" Actually the babies just vanished from the lot when Mitch made the call. Eleanor was holding one of them at the time (in fact although it didn't fit into the narrative Eleanor was out in the hot tub when Sally gave birth, and she got to hold one of the twins before they left), and her arms did that scary "elongated and pointing off in some direction" thing when they disappeared.

So here are Mitch and the twins at the Bus Stop, waiting for the rest of the Project Townie crew to arrive.

Mitch and the twins He looks a bit overwhelmed. Hope someone else shows up soon, or the little one on the ground there'll get lonely...
Rose and Dawn Epilogue

Not long after, back at the Love Nest, another of those Mysterious Student Visitors showed up!

The frightening Trent Fancey Trent Fancey (Cue ominous music) This is the third college student who's come up and rung the doorbell for no reason just after a major Raptor life event; it's spooky! Maybe they're just selling magazine subscriptions or something, but still...

Sally answered the door, and he immediately expressed a great admiration for her.

Trent admires Sally Trent admires Sally. Maybe he's been watching her through the surveillance satellites.

He and Sally seem to have interests in common.

Trent talks about love Or so he'd like her to think! Maybe he's some sort of android.

But even chatting with this attractive young man, Sally's thoughts went to the little babies that had been so briefly part of her life.

Sally thinks of a baby "Ah, little Rose, or possibly Dawn; I miss you already."

When will Sally see her babies again? What will the other residents of Casa Townie think of sharing the house with unexpected twins? Will Mitch find love outside the Love Nest? And will Sally buy any magazine subscriptions from Trent? Tune in next time for even more questions!