The Townies begin to gather Melissa Fancey arrives at the bus stop

Over at the Raptors, a pair of twins arrived, and Mitch and the twins moved out to the Bus Stop to wait for the others.

Mitch and the twins in the wilderness A bit overwhelmed Don't worry Mitch, we'll get you some help within a minute or two of lot-time.

At Eleanor and Kennedy's place, Kennedy took Melissa's arrival mostly in stride.

Melissa and Kennedy have breakfast Someone new for breakfast "Now hm, I get home from work, and Eleanor's asleep, and this other woman comes out of the bedroom and makes herself some breakfast. I'm just not going to think about this too hard."

Melissa made good use of the facilities, both solo

Melissa skilling in the mirror Practicing Romance She also made good use of the bed and all, but we'll leave that behind the curtain.

And with the others.

Melissa and Kennedy skilling in Thinking Caps "I'm glad everyone's getting along so nicely." "And you both look like real dorks in those caps, har har har!"

Eventually it was time to go.

Eleanor and Melissa kiss Another goodbye kiss After making sure that Kennedy is occupied in the other room.

Melissa gets in the cab Off in the taxi "There'd better be interesting people there."

And Mitch got some (rather reluctant) help.

Mitch and Melissa holding the twins "Babies? No one said anything about babies!" "It's not going to poop on me or anything, is it?"
Christie joins the crowd

As we saw the other day, Christy Stratton (Sally's first love from all those Sim years ago) is the third recruit for Project Townie, over at Rooms to Let.

Christy getting into bed A new bed in a new place Christy used Taylor's old room. A little bare since Joan took many of the fittings for her own room, but still it was better than the Generic Townie Housing Christy was used to.

It seemed like a friendly place.

Christy in a crowd of dancers Boogying the night away That's Taylor in red, come by for a visit, dancing with Brandi, and Sandy and Peran on the right. Christy's not actually in this picture, is she? These things happen.

She took full advantage of the local facilities and expertise.

Christy falling down on the treadmill Whoops! The animations for this device are pretty funny.

Brandi tutoring Christy on the Lie Detector "Now consciously relax your muscles as you tell the lie..." The Rooms to Let regulars make good tutors.

Although her life's ambition is to have six grandchildren (which isn't going to happen anytime in the foreseeable future, I'm afraid), she's currently in the Law Enforcement field (as is Mitch), and she stayed around long enough to get a promotion or two.

Christy asking to be admired, in her police duds. "Who's your favorite officer?" I could swear my Family sims didn't do this silly "honey, I'm home" thing until like last week sometime.

But there were complications.

Christy catches Sandy in bed with Brandi "Oh, my gosh!" Where did you think Sandy was sleeping? The place only has four beds.

And although Sandy was very nice about it,

Christy and Sandy hugging Awww... "C'mon, baby, you know how it is."

it was eventually too much.

Christy mad at Sandy "Rowwer-bazzle!" Although the Extractor's evil devices had robbed Christy of nearly all of her memories, she knew she loved Sandy, and couldn't stand seeing Sandy and Brandi getting affectionate. (Although most of the Townie Project sims are being brought in by Romance-aspiration lovers, I'm avoiding any romantic interactions post move-in (at least with the ones like Christy that are neither Romance themselves nor parents of any kids), in hopes that their relatively pristine memories will make for more monogamous marriages if they get hitched later. But that doesn't prevent these jealousy reactions, since they're based not on memories but on relationship bits.)

Time to go.

Christy gets into the taxi "Don't forget to write." Note Sandy standing in the flowers in her underwear. Sandy's teddy from the Wooden Simolean; Brandi's sweaterdress from Sim City Gallery.

And Melissa could pass the baby off to someone else.

At the bus stop, Melissa hands a baby to Christy. "You're a family-type, you hold it!"

Next up: Joe Carr.