The Townie Project Part 4ish Movin' 'em in and movin' 'em out

Eleanor so enjoyed having Melissa around (last episode) that she signed up to sponsor a second Townie friend in the Project.

Eleanor moves in Joe Carr Welcome, Joe Carr; here's your plumb bob! Joe, a Fortune Sim, brought nine thousand simoleons to the household. Although his ambition is to someday be a business tycoon like Eleanor, due to some recent setbacks he's currently employed as a clerk at the Circus Burger drive-through.

Joe getting into bed out on the deck Joe also slept out on the deck. No barking dogs or loud cars in the Sims.

Eleanor reluctantly went along with the "no getting affectionate with the non-Romance move-ins" rule, but at least she could have a little fun.

Twistin' the night away Twistin' the night away. The fireplace, like the sculpture in the previous shot, is the result of a very complex day (between Melissa's leaving and Joe's moving in) where Eleanor's huge bonus was fortunately sufficient to buy Kennedy enough stuff to get him out of his depression over losing his job. We may post that story someday.

Although he was also friends with Joe, Kennedy found the house a little crowded with three occupants.

Joe naps on the couch Just a little rest before work.

Eleanor used her contacts to get Joe started on a better career path.

Joe off to a business job in a business suit Off to a Real Job. Does it mean anything when Sims think about their aspiration symbols?

And he got to meet others in the neighborhood with similar interests.

Joe in a suit talking to Regina in a suit Joe brought Regina home from work one day. Randy London (of Unsticking Jennifer) fell in love with Regina in college, and now they're living together in a nice little house not far from Kennedy and Eleanor's place. They're both Fortune, and their lives have been so uneventful that I haven't written them up at all. Maybe once they actually get married I'll post a little summary.

But before long, it was time to go join the rest of the Project.

Joe reading the newspaper "Just let me finish the funnies here."

Eleanor and Kennedy wave goodbye to Joe Kennedy wasn't sorry to see the last of the Project, even if this one didn't seem to have been sleeping with Eleanor. "See how I'm in my underwear, and how Eleanor's half-naked? See how you're in the taxi leaving, and I'm here with her staying? So who's the alpha male here, huh? That's right: it's Kenn-eh-dee!

And the bus stop population was up to six...

"Hey, baby, haven't I seen you somewhere before? Wanna share business contacts?" While he's Fortune, I somehow see him as being interested in the Romantic Melissa there. At least in the short term. Given how little subjective time these characters are going to be at the Bus Stop, I'm not even looking at their Wants yet.

Next time: a last-minute substitution...