Peran settles in

Peran is settling nicely into the neighborhood (now that I'm back where the Sims machine is, and have managed to steal a few play cycles from the kids). He briefly considered getting a job:

"Heh, nothing but waiters and halfbacks and Army recruiting posters."

but when nothing in the Science or Medical fields showed up, he decided to concentrate on his studies. Turns out his Lifetime Want in my universe is to maximize all his skills; that should be fun!

"Yeah, the King's Indian is all the rage back at the gardening center this month."

And the Zoom household offers lots of opportunities. Here's Ransom, giving him some tips on creativity.

"The key is to really believe what you're saying."

He also has time for social life. When Melissa Fancey walked by, he tore himself away from the chessboard long enough to say hello, and invite her in for a rousing game of whatever that silly game's called.

Isn't that the same outfit that one or more Gregsims are wearing lately? Small world.

So that's Peran's Progress around here lately. *8) I probably won't give you every tiny detail of his life, but I'll let you know if he moves out or gets married or seduces Marisa or anything. Assuming the kids yield me enough computer access for time to pass!