The Townie Project Part 24: Teenagers

Rose and Dawn Raptor (the twin daughters of CAS Sim Sally Raptor and Townie fireman Mitch Lawson, now living with their dad in Casa Townie) had a happy if chaotic childhood.

The twins playing Mary Mack in the hallway "Ay fleego fla, fla, fla..."

But time changes all things (at least as long as aging is on).

The twins are teenagers Happy Birthdays! Birthdays always seem to happen in pajamas. There were other people gathered around cheering, too; they just didn't make it into the shot.

The girls headed for the mirror as soon as they finished their cake.

Rose doing her makeup Rose went for a demure look. With husband-catching in mind; Rose is Family like her dad.

Dawn doing her makeup Dawn for something a bit more exotic. With generalized lover-catching in mind; Dawn is Romance like her mom.
The Townie Project Part 25: Teenagers in day clothes

The end results:

Dawn as sk8r gurl The romantic sk8er-gurl look. I don't think I changed her hair or outfit at all, just the makeup. That's her father sleeping off all the excitement in the background there. I know just how he feels.

Rose all dolled up The future matriarch. Kind of seventies, but hey.

As that last snapshot hints, the Casaites had a couple of nice (if small) basement rooms put in for the girls.

Rose in her new room Rose gets settled in. "Oh joy, the basement! Well, at least it's better than a bed in dad's room..."

Dawn at table Dawn gets some pointers from one of the resident Romance women. Melissa tells a funny story about her first woohoo. If I were Mitch, I'd be sort of uncomfortable here.
The Townie Project Part 26: Dawn goes downtown

Impatient to get to know some other teens and begin her life of romance, Dawn took the Casa car downtown.

Dawn gets into the Land Whale "Gak, minivans are not cool." Nice that teenage Sims know how to drive instinctually.

Dawn at a shop downtown At the boutique. I forget exactly why I had her go there.

Someone admires Dawn "For sure I like what I see!" Dawn's first nibble. Does this mean I've made yet another gynophile Romance Sim? Time will tell.

At the store, Dawn ran into her older sister Gina.

Dawn and Gina "Hey, stranger!" This may have been their first meeting. I really have to get Gina (and Eleanor) to know Rose and Dawn better.

And various neighbors.

Dawn hanging out Hanging out Let's see; clockwise from 11 o'clock, that's Dawn Raptor, Jan and Jen Danvers (another pair of twins), that elegant young lady that was admiring Dawn, and the mail boy.

She had a good time, but nothing satisfyingly Romantic came of it. This love game, she thought, is harder than it looks.

The Townie Project Part 27: Rose hooks a man

Back at the Casa, Rose was having more success in the love department than her sister.

Rose and Aaron are Best Friends Best friends That's Aaron Almassizadeh, Taylor and Candice's oldest. I forget where they met; maybe he just walked by.

Rose and Aaron kiss And more than friends. Do they know that his father and her big sister were lovers back in college? Will this freak them out?

Meanwhile, Dawn went out again, with maybe a bit more success.

Dawn admires the clerk Hubba hubba! That's Nicole Thompson, long-suffering part-time cashier at The Place. She and Dawn talked for hours that evening.
The Townie Project Part 28: The progress of love

Rose loves Aaron Rose loves Aaron. And, slightly earlier, Aaron loves Rose. Awww!

Rose dancing like a loony Rose celebrates. "I'm in love with a wonderful guy!"

Her sister was more interested in filling up pages in her little black book, and so didn't make all that much progress with any particular person.

Dawn in her undies talking about grades to some boy "So, handsome stranger, how are your grades?" I'm not sure who this is. Some guy.

Although Nicole was around alot.

Dawn and Nicole air-kiss Air kiss! Dawn's aspiration was getting sort of low by this time, poor thing. Sweet simteen, and never been kissed.
The Townie Project Part 29: Finally!

One morning before school, Dawn called and invited Nicole over.

Dawn meets Mr. Big, of the lounge jacket While she was waiting for her to arrive, she met a strange old guy. Mr. Big himself, on a random walkby.

Nicole showed up, in a flirtatious mood.

Nicole sweet talks Dawn Well, gosh! This was spontaneous on Nicole's part; I wonder if she's Romance too...

Nicole and Dawn slow dancing by the school bus Slow dancin' Just ignore that annoying schoolbus there.

Rose gets into the bus; Dawn concentrates on Nicole "You coming, Sis? Time for school!" "Just a second, I think I'm..."

Dawn's First Kiss "Ahhh..." The perfect way to start the day. And very good for the Aspiration meter.
The Townie Project Part 30: Casa Platinum

While the twins were doing all this growing, another Casa resident reached a significant milestone.

Joe Carr gets 25,000 aspiration points The Project's first PermaPlatinum Sim: Joe Carr! Business Tycoon isn't all that tough, after all.

Joe smiles at the thought of money Wealth is good. Finally someone who seems to appreciate fulfilling a life's ambition.

Well Joe, you've just accomplished your life's dream; what are you going to do now?

Joe trims some hedges Trim the hedges! Naturally.
The Townie Project Part 31: More random visitors

Dawn thinks of kisses while shaking Zachary's hand Dawn Raptor meets college boy Zachary Langerak Dream on, Dawn; he's got a girlfriend in college, and he's not going to wait for you.

Zachary talks to rose about baby shoes Zachary stayed for lunch. Telling Rose all about how he learned to walk; a brilliant conversationalist!

Mr. Big thinks angrily of Joe Mr. Big is furious at Joe. And I have no idea why. I think they were like arguing and poking each other autonomously while I was watching the twins. Or maybe he's jealous about the Tycoon thing.
The Townie Project Part 32: Daily life

Joe and Arcadia help the twins with homework Sadly, love doesn't prevent homework. But it's nice to have five adults around to ask for help.

Joe and Christy have a pillowfight Autonomous behavior. Sims luuuurve their pillowfights.

Mysterious lights in the back corner of the lot Faery lights at evening. No idea what this is; presumably some sort of glitch. But I thought it looked cool...

So there's Casa Townie, and in particular the twins started out on their presumably very different lives. In future updates: another lifetime want fulfilled, and one of the adults finds love too.