More Taylor and Candice 1/3: Hitched

As mentioned in passing awhile back, Taylor and Candice enjoyed your basic suburban family life after graduation.

Candice entertains Brandi LeTourneau and that odd-looking red-haired guy They made lots of friends. Candice is Family, and always has Wants to invite people over and entertain them and all. It seems to be rubbing off on Taylor, too; even though he's Knowledge he gets them too. Although their house isn't as constantly full of visitors as the Danverses, it's close.

Taylor gets (another) 25,000 aspiration points out at the curb Taylor reached the top of the Science track. His second Lifetime Want (he made his first back at Rooms to Let, before Candice graduated).

Taylor and Candice exchange wedding rings in the bedroom And they officially tied the knot. I was going to have the whole ceremony and stuff, but I pushed the wrong button. Ooops!

Although Candice's lifetime want is to have a Golden Anniversary with Taylor, she also has other interests.

Candice brings up the subject of baby blocks Candice's other interests.
More Taylor and Candice 2/3: Aaron and Brett

Little Aaron showed up promptly, and took up residence in the foyer.

Baby Aaron sleeps in his crib in the foyer while his parents smooch in the background The happy couple found parenthood inspiring.

And by the time Aaron entered childhood, a sibling was on the way.

Aaron, now a child, talks to his Mom's belly. "Hello in there!" Those "Have a Baby" Wants are so tempting.

They added a room for Aaron back behind the kitchen, so there'd be space in the foyer for Brett.

Aaron talks about ships, Brett sleeps, Taylor and Candice kiss some more A happy family I'm not sure who Aaron thinks he's talking to.

And just as Brett became a toddler, it happened again.

Candice (pregnant) makes out with Taylor (in Criminal Mastermind gear) All those hormones. Taylor got another 25K from returning to crime; the Mole Man strikes again!
More Taylor and Candice 3/3: And Babies Make Six

Candice greatly enjoyed her third pregnancy.

Candice stretches, smiling, while potty-training (let's see that must be...) Brett This is the life! Hm, since she has to be an Elder to get her LTW, I guess she can't spin up like "Have 10 children" after that? I hope? (That's Kaylynn Langerak in the background; she came over for a visit and carried Brett around for awhile. She and Candice like to hang out and talk about Family things.)

Heading for the bathroom one morning, Aaron found the foyer unusually cluttered.

Aaron walks through the foyer, between a blue crib and two pink ones "Thought I heard some sounds during the night." Twins again! I've lost count, but Neighborhood One seems to be running somewhat over 10% in multiple births; luck of the dice.

Despite Taylor's reaching the top of various careers, there's never been alot of money in the bank for some reason. But the foyer was getting awfully crowded, and some building seemed pretty much required.

Aerial view of the house Aerial view That's the new Children's Wing in the upper left; from left to right: Daphne, Charlotte, Brett (who's just entered childhood), and Aaron. ("Howcum your room's bigger than ours?" "'cause I was here first!") The rooms are connected by Maxis' Magical Sound-Deadening Archways (there was originally a narrow hallway running along the bottom of the wing, but it was too constricting.) Upper right is the vast cavernous bathroom; other rooms probably more or less self-evident. We'll probably add a second bathroom somewhere in the Children's Wing once they've saved up a little.

Candice now has a "have 10 children" Want, but that would mean putting off her Golden Anniversay for a long, long time... *8)