Shocking Nudity!

So Taylor and Candice have been having good ordinary lives. Taylor quickly made Mad Scientist, and they've been able to afford a few furnishings (but since he goes to work so seldom they do have cash-flow problems).

They got married in a little private exchange of rings in the bedroom (I'd intended to have a ceremony, but I sort of forgot how it all works and pushed the wrong button), and Candice shortly spun up a Have a Baby want, and they now have a baby (little Aaron Almassizadeh).

But rather than post millions of pictures of all that *8) I'll just post one funny one from Candice's pregnancy:

Taylor is shocked "My God, my pregnant wife is taking a bath in our bathtub, and she's naked! If Sims weren't so silly, would we enjoy them so much?

Later, perhaps, pictures of the baby, the new furnishings, etc, etc, etc.